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Student Accommodation Rome

Roger Said:

A friend and I are traveling to Italy in July 2011. Is this a bad time?

We Answered:

This time last year I was in Rome. I can't help too much with flight information because I paid with airline miles. I would say go early in the morning anytime you are doing anything tourist related. I would also say... don't be afraid to just wander around. It's nice to get away from the tourists every once in a while.

The most I ever paid for a hostile was 33 euros for one night. (That was in Capri; booked 2 days before the reservation.) As for food, and museum fees... it varies widely. I would also say, BRING EXACT CHANGE to all museum destinations. They will not make change for you, especially if you are in a group. It's just something you get used to. If you need change, you can walk into any bank for it.

You can definitely get by on less than 100 euros a day. The real problem is travel expenses. The trains metros and buses add up. I found it really helpful to find hostels that offer free breakfast in the morning. It was never incredible, but if you are on a tight budget it helps.

If you go to Rome, you have to go to the Trionfale market. It's right near the Cipro station on Romes Metro line A. It's called Trionfale Mercato along Via Andrea Doria. Go earlier in the day, and maybe pick up a little Italian, but I'm sure you can get what you need with a lot of pointing.

Google Maps is a little screwed up; I think they had a street fair/open market when Google was mapping the streets.…

Charles Said:

How much do you think it should cost to travel to Italy?

We Answered:

If this is a group travel then those prices aren't bad compared to what it would cost individually. the Airfare alone for cabin class should reduce the air fare considerably, although flying first class is a great way to travel.

I would suggest that whoever is putting this group travel for your school present some other alternatives. If this is for nine days, the suggestion of $750 for spending money could be on the low side considering the value of the Euro.

There are other travel agencies out there that would be glad to put together a package that might be lesser. competition can save you some dollars and euros

Lloyd Said:

Where to stay in Rome?

We Answered:

My fav site for hotels in Rome is I use it every time I go to Rome and have never had any problems. The site shows exactly where the hotel is located, has pics of the place and reviews by people who have stayed there.

Kathy Said:

Where in Italy to do a good, cheap walking/hiking trip?

We Answered:

In Amalfi area, I suggest you visit Sorrento, Positano, Salerno.
Amalfi is in Campania region... in Campania you can also visit Naples, Caserta, Ischia, Capri.

In Italy, especcialy in winter there isn't a great difference between North and South (if you don't go on Alps, of course)... so, don't worry about this!

In the North, I suggest you visit Cinque Terre (in Liguria region): they're 5 little countries... and it's amazing walking among them.…

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