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Student Accommodation Salford

Gerald Said:

Hard 2 make friends @ uni, feeling alone?

We Answered:

hey im in the same boat as you, ive not made any friends yet but everyone else living in the halls are getting on like a house on fire. i have talked to most of them and i say hi to everyone and try 2 join in with them, but for some reason i just havent clicked with anyone. i can ask people where they're from/what course theyre doing etc but it doesnt seem to go any further than that. ive always found it hard to make conversation with people but thought that it would be easy to make friends when starting uni. ive been getting pretty down about it but im just gona try n stick it out. sorry i know this isnt much help but at least you know you're not the only one! i think you should just join the gym and as many clubs/socs as possible...i think im gona try to join a few clubs and just talk to as many people as i can.

Becky Said:

hard 2 make friends @ uni, feeling alone?

We Answered:

i've been in a very similar situation. All I can say is its early days and you will make friends, just be friendly, (but try not to come over as desperate as I did) get involved with student clubs, eventually you will meet someone like minded, I expect there are lots in your situation at salford.
Go to the student bar with a magazine or book. You might get chatting to someone. Especially if you leave out some interesting books.
They may notice your book and get chatting, just don't get too engrossed as they may not want to disturb you.
Its all new and a stressful time but it will be ok. Just get out there and try not to feel sorry for yourself. There are a lot of lonely people probably very close to you, you just have to meet them.
Good luck.

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