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Student Accommodation Services

Rosa Said:

Advice for a bipolar college student in finals week?

We Answered:

I think your professor would rather be aware that something's up than have it sprung on him or have you spin out of control because of it. And he knows you're a reliable, committed student, so that should add weight to your request. If that doesn't work, see if you can take one of the exams at a different time - and if that doesn't work, figure out what's really most important to you (sleep should be on that list, by the way) and prioritize as best you can.

(Also, have you talked to your doc? I'm no professional, but this strikes me as a lousy time to be making major medication changes. Any chance you can go back on the old prescription at least until you're done, or did you switch because it really wasn't working?)

Lester Said:

Please suggest a business name!?

We Answered:

"City" Friends
Friends of "City"

Melinda Said:

Can I request counseling service from school for my 8 yr old?

We Answered:

you can request it, but a school counselor might not have the experience that is needed to treat your son. If you son is willing to talk to him then go for it, 8 year olds need people in their lives that they can depend on and trust. If the school counselor can't help or see you son at school ask him for a referral

Darryl Said:

I get ADHD accommodation in school and students start complaining i get special treatment. Why?

We Answered:

ADHD is a recognized learning disability. I don't know why other answerers here are getting mad at you. They seem to be illiterate to me.

Elliot: it is NOT treatable. Its a lifelong disorder.

Dan Said:

Can a college refuse disability accommodations if student refuses to go into detail of psychological disorder?

We Answered:

He needs a formal evaluation, diagnosis and write-up from a qualified psychologist, and that write-up needs to be submitted to the school. If the colege has this, they cannot refuse reasonable accomodation.

Ted Said:

My Student house...what do you think?

We Answered:

Sounds like you guys need a house meeting to discuss the responsibilities of the house. Tell them that they need to step up or they're going to be left literally in the cold and dark.

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