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Student Accommodation Sunderland

Everett Said:

Opinions on Anecdote please?

We Answered:

It is one thing to write an anecdote, but it is quite another to attempt to fake a style of speech that is unnatural. One of the first rules of writing is 'Never write the way that you speak'; only if you are writing dialogue or attempting to mimic a particular dialect should you attempt to write the way people speak. It sounds horrible when heard, it looks even worse as written on the page.

Here, I think you've compounded your error by attempting to fool everyone into believing that you actually communicate this way, that you actually speak this way. You don't and no one believes that you do. Don't make the narrative sound so 'forced'.

1. University is NOT capitalized in this first instance.
2. Don't try to combine feet and inches in your descriptions with centimeter measurements; choose one, stick with it, but again, don't fake it.
3. State of catharsis? Catharsis refers to an emotional release of tension or pressure, NOT chaos, which is what I think you meant to describe here.
4. Amass is a VERB not an abstract noun, MASS is the noun you're trying to use, but it's a poor choice. Try THRONG instead.
5. When writing dialogue, "The commas typically end within the quotes," the respondent wrote. And the word immediately following is NOT capitalized.
6. Still smarting from the whole context...? Smarting is an antiquated verb form for indicating physical pain, not bruised dignity, which is what I think you tried to convey here. "Context" doesn't even make sense in the sentence.

I couldn't bear to read beyond this, so I think you should reconsider how you tell this little gem of a story and don't look to impress your audience with your 'wordsmith-yness' (get it?). Just tell your story properly, none have been beguiled by your prolixity...

Jason Said:

Any chance of moving into halls soon after freshers week?

We Answered:

It's always possible. I was able to move rooms in halls at my university within a couple of weeks of the start of term because there was an empty room. I suggest you head into the accommodation office at Sunderland after you get there and get your name down for anything that comes up.

Make sure though if you plan on moving that you haven't tied yourself into a contract in your private house. Even if you have though you may be able to find someone to replace you by advertising on the uni campus.

Lance Said:

Which one is the best university for animation in UK Sunderland or Greenwich?

We Answered:

Sunderland is rated higher but Greenwich is cheaper in terms of tuition, accomodation and living expenses.

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