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Student Accommodation Sydney

Margaret Said:

How does a student go about moving to another state alone?

We Answered:

I agree with CMC... independence sounds like a great deal but it can come at a huge cost , both financially & emotionally.
To the best of my knowledge the only way you can qualify for Austudy is if you don't have any means of support....if you opt to leave home of your own freewill that's a different story !
If you don't have the financial means to be independent then you need to have dependance on someone...if not your parents then the government...that isn't independence !

Viola Said:

What is the best student accommodation for an international student studying in mallett street campus.?

We Answered:

Kimberly Kottages on Parramatta Road past Missenden Road. Get off at Mallett Street and turn left. The Campus is located about 200 metres on the left hand side.

Angela Said:

What is theABSOLUTE CHEAPEST motel/hotel in Sydney, Australia?

We Answered:

Formule 1 Kings Cross
2.5 star rating-$79 per night
Its clean but basic. 2 chairs, 3 beds (2 double 1 single), TV and a table and thats it. And oh yeah the worlds smallest bathroom.

but its near the subway station

Frank Said:

transit visa at kuala lumpur for Indian student in Australia?

We Answered:

MAS is handling your transit arrangements [accommodation].... they can assist you, so seek their advice.

Normally, you will be able to obtain a limited transit visa.....[with support from MAS]
For a short transit of less than 24 hours, you may not have to collect your bags, but enquire about "check thru" when you check-in in Australia.

About that bottle of wine, use your discretion about packing and leakage.....

Norman Said:

Homestay for north Indian student in sydney city?

We Answered:

look up rooms in the newspaper or go to…

Cassandra Said:

Where should I live in Sydney Australia?

We Answered:

It depends on your budget.

I used to sub-lease my Enmore house to students, it was popular because its slightly cheaper than Newtown/Camperdown & you tend to get more for your $$.

Glebe is another option, with many share leases advertised. Nth Newtown is becoming a bit too expensive for students.

If you choose a place closer to the uni, you can save in public transport costs, which may give you a few more $$ to spend on the actual accomodation.

There is also the option of UniLodge, I am not sure of the cost & I think it is aimed for overseas cashed up students.

Good luck with finding a place, the rental market is a bit difficult to deal with at the moment because there is a shortage of realistically priced properties.

Oh, I forgot.. another option is to have at look at a website called, you may find something thru there. Ive used them while going O/S & also to lease my place.. very good website.

Donald Said:

About University of Sydney's off-campus accommodation?

We Answered:

I just graduated from sydney uni mature age student. There are alot of units / apartments around the University for hire for students - in suburbs such as Glebe, camperdown (the suburb of the actual Sydney Uni), Newtown, Broadway/Central and outer suburbs of Inner sydney such as Redfern, Lewisham, Petersham, Stanmore, Abbottsford.

Below is the University of Sydney Link on their webpage… or go to University of Sydney and just scroll down to accomodation.

The university can put u in touch with accomodation off the campus which is run thru the university or alternatively u can contact the student union which can help u.

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