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Student Accommodation To Rent

Nicole Said:

UK!!! How the hell can I afford student housing?

We Answered:

I got £2500 student loan this year and the halls were £4500 so i understand where your coming from and i agree. The price for university accomodation is FAR too high. Id definately try to get private flat or whatever with a few friends because thats what im going to do next year and it seems like it will be ten times more affordable. You should try and get a job though. I work two full days a week and on top of my loan this is great to help me get along. You will have enough time to work dont worry about that!

James Said:

How long does it take for an eviction notice to be served?

We Answered:

This is the process that has to be followed. There is a lengthy legal process through which your landlord must go before they can evict you. It is designed to give you every opportunity to come to an arrangement to clear your arrears.
You will initially receive reminders of the outstanding amount. Many social landlords will also try to arrange to meet you in person in order to resolve the problem
If an arrangement is not made to clear the arrears then your landlord may apply to the courts to resolve the matter. Rent arrears are a money debt and as such they are a civil matter and dealt with by the County Court.

Notice of Landlords intention to go to Court

If an arrangement to clear the arrears is not made, or the arrears continue to accrue, then your landlord will eventually serve you with Notice that they intend to apply to the County Court for a Possession Order.
This Notice will be called a Notice of Seeking Possession.
The Notice remains valid for legal proceedings commenced within 12 months after their service or expiry,depending on if you are a secure or assured tenant.
The Notice will give a period of time to clear the arrears or come to an arrangement with the landlord. This is usually at least 28 days, but can be 14 days if you are an assured tenant.
Once the Notice has expired, and not before, the landlord can apply to the County Court for their claim for possession of the property to be heard.
The Notice must give the grounds on which the landlord is intending to apply to the court. The grounds relied upon will depend on your type of tenancy.
If you are a tenant of the Council (TMO managed property) then you are a secure tenant under the Housing Act 1985, if your tenancy started before 1st January 2007.

Introductory Tenacies
From 1st Januray 2007, the TMO has introduced Introductory Tenancies. These are tenancies on a trial bassis of 1 year and it is much easier for you to be evicted in the first year. After the first year, you will automatically become a secure tenant, unless you have reecived a Notice that the Introductory tenancy will be extended. This is different to a Notice of Seeking Possession.

The introductory tenancy can be brought to an end if the landlord obtains a possession order from the court. Where the court makes an order for possession the tenancy ends on the date given in the court order.

The judge is not allowed to look at whether the landlord is acting reasonably if possession is sought. Provided that the correct procedure has been followed, the Judge must make a possession order. There is no power for the court to postpone, stay or suspend the order for possession.

If an Introductory tenant falls into rent arrears and a possession order is obtained, the possession order ends the tenancy even if a suitable payment arrangement has been agreed or if the arrears are cleared in full. The tenancy cannot be revived and the occupier becomes a trespasser from the date specified in the possession order.

In this situation, the landlord cannot grant a new introductory tenancy unless the occupier qualifies for another offer through the Council's allocations scheme.

Housing Association Tenants
If you are a tenant of a housing association, then you will either be an Assured or a Secure Tenant, depending on when your tenancy began.

If you are a housing association tenant and your tenancy began before 15th January 1989, then you have a Secure Tenancy under the Housing Act 1985.

For Secure Tenants the ground for possession for rent arrears is discretionary and is Ground 1, Schedule 2, Housing Act 1985, "…rent lawfully due from the tenant has not been paid…".

If are a housing association tenant and your tenancy began on or after 15th January 1989, then you will either have an Assured or an Assured Shorthold Tenancy under the Housing Act 1988.

The vast majority of people who became housing association tenants after 15th January 1989 will be Assured Tenants, although some housing associations did create a few Assured Shorthold Tenancies.

For Assured and Assured Shorthold Tenants there are two discretionary and one mandatory ground for possession for rent arrears.

The first and most common discretionary ground is Ground 10, Housing Act 1988, "…some rent lawfully due from the tenant…is paid…".

The second discretionary ground is Ground 11, Housing Act 1988, "…persistent delay in paying rent…".

The mandatory ground for possession is Ground 8 Housing Act 1988, as amended by Housing Act 1996 s101. If at the date of the service of the notice and at the date of the hearing there are 8 weeks' rent unpaid, if rent is payable weekly, or 2 months, if rent is payable monthly, then the court must grant possession.

In terms of legal rights, a Secure Tenancy gives the most protection, followed by an Assured Tenancy and then an Assured Shorthold Tenancy.

However, in general, Registered Social Landlord's try to treat their tenants on the same basis.

Tracy Said:

i cannot afford to pay my accommodation rent for students halls of residence what should i do?

We Answered:

First off it sounds like you don't have many options. Now I'm not trying to joke around about what I'm going to say. It looks like your only option will be to get a job in your free time. If you have ABSOLUTELY no free time then you will have to give up something. IF YOU CAN'T give up anything
you'll have to give up some sleep time to get a job. You only need 5 hours of sleep a night. The first two weeks will be tough but your body will adjust. It can be done. Or you could always beg your parents for money or get a loan from the bank. I would get the money from your parents because you won't have to pay them any interest. GOOD LUCK.
“Anyone who has a continuous smile on his face conceals a toughness that is almost frightening.

Erica Said:

looking for your ideas for a name of new website being created for students looking for accommodation to rent

We Answered:

prudent students



new rents for stu-dents

Leah Said:

I'm 17 and looking for an accommodation, if you aren't a student can you still live in student accommodation?

We Answered:

You definitely cannot live in any accommodations provided by a campus or housing units which are specifically for students. You csn, however, share rent with other students in a non- student accommodation housing unit.

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