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Student Accommodation Uk

Ida Said:

UK Student Accommodation Rental Disputes?

We Answered:

Your landlord can only make you pay what is required under your contract with them.If you have not signed the formal written contract its terms should not apply.But you have some sort of contract with them.The terms of that contract depend on what you "agreed" before you moved in.To get an accurate understanding of your legal position go to your NUS office and get advice direct from them.

Kristen Said:

At 16, am i liable for student accommodation in the UK?

We Answered:

No, you will be given a two room studio apartment in your area of choice, you will also be entitled to free electricity/gas/water and phone, you can also choose to have a mini-van or chauffeur driven car at your disposal 24/7, your food, clothing and alcohol will all be provided for you too. Drugs and Condoms are NOT provided though.

The taxpayer will be only too pleased to provide you with anything I have missed in the above list, just you have yourself a good time.

Ok Jade, Sorry,
Yes you will be liable, Student unions can be of some help but there is only so much they can do and only so many people they can assist, your best bet is to find shared accommodation with like minded students, you will feel that you are being robbed blind and will have poor living conditions but its all part of the learning experience, parents and family are a good source to mooch from and if you can get yourself a docile boyfriend (employed) who thinks you are gods gift so much the better.

Good luck.

Earl Said:

Can people who've experienced both UK AND French student accommodation systems help out here? See details?

We Answered:

To phone France from the UK dial 00 33 but not the first ‘0’ in the area code.
For instance here is a random number 00 33 2 23 31 20 14

Your question lacks essential details
You do not state what kind of accommodation you are looking for: room, flat, hall of residence, where and if you already have decided what sort you have chosen. You also do not say who you are trying to contact: agency, college, individuals, or where it is difficult to help you.
You do not even say if you are male or female and your photo gives no clue.

In a way it would be easier if you said what you want to say and to whom and then you could be given the exact terminology that you need.

In English could you explain
-Who you are trying to contact
-What type of lodgings are you looking for.
-Where? (near a shool/ a university? In the centre of a town?)
-How long for?
You also have to explain to the person at the other end who you are and why you want this accommodation.
-What other questions you want to ask or information you want to give them.

Just to start you off:
To an individual you would say
Bonjour, Monsieur/ Madame,
Je suis un étudiant anglais et je suis intéressé par le logement/ la chambre que vous offrez. Pourriez- vous me donner des détails supplémentaires?
Quels sont vos termes?
Désirez vous des arrhes?
Faut-il payer par semaine ou par mois?

To a hall of residence/ youth hostel,
Bonjour M/Mme,
Je voudrais savoir s'il reste des chambres et quels sont les termes pour leur location.

To an agency:
Je cherche un petit appartement pour une personne pour quelques mois. Que pouvez-vous m'offrir?

Edit. Thank you for giving additional details.
Obviously you need to change the sentence about yourself to "Je suis une étudiante anglaise et je suis intéressée...."
"Je vais étudier pendant une année scolaire à l'université de........en faculté de.....( lettres/ sciences/ etc...)."
"Je cherche une chambre soit dans une maison particulière, soit partageant une maison avec d'autres jeunes à partir du mois de septembre" .
You still do not say where you are going. The thing to look for is "foyers de jeunes" or "foyers d'étudiants" in the town where you will study. Go to the bottom of this page, click on the French flag then google those and see what comes up. Likewise try "agences de location immobilières à xxxxx" and the name of the town.
Also look for "Chambres à louer chez particuliers/ en maison particulière à xxxxx " .
Here is a site to get you going that works by département and gives addresses of agencies.…
Bonne chance!

Ivan Said:

Confused about student accommodation for next year [UK]?

We Answered:

Hi i used to work for a student accommodation site called UNITE. They have properties all over the U.K. (I assume you mean private student accommodation by the way as supposed to uni owned buildings/halls of residence).
Anyway, we used to have 2 intakes of students move in per year.End of June and September. Altho our flats were very popular, we had rooms still available right up until August time atleast so im surprised you are being asked to put your names down now.
Its maybe different for each company but wot we did was ask the potential tenant to pay a booking fee (which was something like £50 I think - its been a while lol) and you pay this when you hand in your registration form (the form with all your details on;guarantor info, payment plan choice, length of tenancy etc). This booking fee is non refundable! but it does guarantee you a room in September. Most student accommodation flats are 4 - 6 beds like you say but you dont necessarily need to know someone to move in with.They try matching you up with people of similar personalities and who are studying the same course as you etc. so you feel more settled in. Once your tenancy has been printed off, shortly after handing in the form, thats when you pay the deposit. You can still pull out of the tenancy agreement if say in June you change your mind and have other plans, and you will get your deposit back. I think the cut off is something like 30 days before the start date of your contract.
Hope some of this is of use. To some up, id put your name down now and pay the refundable deposit, so atleast you have something secured.

Tom Said:

Was there a suicide at the Firth Point student accommodation in Huddersfield, UK?

We Answered:

I hope not.

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