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Student Accommodation Unite

James Said:

can my girlfriend move in with me into my student accommodation?

We Answered:

Call the office anonymously and ask them..

I don't no what their rule and regulations are..
good luck

Wallace Said:

Xbox, PC - 1 Ethernet port?

We Answered:

You will need to invest in a switch. If you go to the stores you can also look for a router which will give you wireless capabilities. Home routers are equipped with built in switches.


Isaac Said:

Any Feedback on Unite Housing in London near LSE?

We Answered:

I can't answer about London, but I stayed in a unite property a few years ago and I wasn't particularly impressed for a few reasons:

- They sneakily charged an extra £99 a month when paying monthly which they said was an "administration fee"

- The property I stayed in had cockroaches (yuck i know) and the Unite staff were very slow at addressing the problem, infact I wouldn't be surprised if the cockroaches were still there now.

- The building itself was pretty dire, with only painted breeze blocks for internal walls, and they even painted over blu-tack when they did up the rooms

- charge £1 for use of the washing machine, £2 for tumble dryer

However I did meet loads of good friends there and never had to worry about any bills, also I believe you get free lite wireless internet nowadays

Stacey Said:

Unite Accommodation - Pets?

We Answered:

Typically fish are the only pets allowed in school housing ever, due to allergies and whatnot. You should check with this one specifically to be sure though!

Priscilla Said:

Which student accommodation in Cardiff (Wales, United Kingdom) has yellow curtains?

We Answered:

What would you need to know that for?
Sounds very much like the question some stalker would ask after seeing a picture some idiot carelessly posted on facebook or something.....

Amanda Said:

Has anyone else been ripped off by UNITE- the student accommodation flats in London?

We Answered:

No. You should get in touch with Trading Standards.

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