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Student Accommodation United Kingdom

Vivian Said:

Studying in alberta canada for a year, what to wear?

We Answered:

its very cold in there u gotta take some jackets and coats ,, and i advice u to take the snow boots for walking on snow and between ice ..

Clifton Said:

Studying in alberta canada for a year, what to wear?

We Answered:

What part of Alberta? I live in Edmonton which is somewhat the center of alberta. And basically, here's how the weather is all four seasons:

Spring: Spring is warm enough that you can wear shorts or dresses and not be worried of getting cold, but also not too warm that you can still wear jeans and a sweater and not worry of getting hot and sweaty. It's basically perfect weather for a nice flowy dress with a nice jacket or sweater.

Summer: The summer can go from being a bit warmer than spring (meaning would be best to ditch the pants unless you will be in colder areas) and then it can get so hot that even walking around in a bikini wouldn't be enough to keep you cool. For summer, it would be best to have a lot of light dresses, VERY sheer sweaters for maybe night time or for cooler days, and shorts or skirts.

Fall: Fall is mixed with rain and snow usually. It can be a little cooler than spring or it can be almost as cold as winter. For fall all you need are some good clothes that cover your legs, and some jackets/sweaters and at least one coat that can be for rain and wind and stuff.

Winter: This time can get very cold, so having warmer sweaters, layering, all that is best. Having many gloves will also help, as will sweaters and hats (or as we say here, toques)

Michele Said:

Studying in virginia tech for a year, what clothes to take?

We Answered:

my friend goes to VT and yah it gets pretty cold. i would say bring jeans, sweaters, sweatshirts.
however, right now, its pretty warm. like shorts, t shirts, tank tops kind of weather. im not sure when the weather starts changing though.

have fun at VT!
if you meet a sophmore named Erin with short hair tell her katie says hi! haha

Heidi Said:

Studying in alberta canada for a year, what to wear?

We Answered:

Oh boy let me tell you its COLD in Alberta!! Bring sweaters and a lots of them. Don't bring like mini skirts and tanks unless its for the summer. But it can get chilly in the summer sometimes to so be prepared.

Clayton Said:

Studying in alberta canada for a year, what to wear?

We Answered:

Alberta is very cold and beautiful, but it's also very modern in towns like Calgary, which is quite large. Dressing wise, I'd say investing in some goose-down filled items (a coat, some pillows, maybe some booties) would be good. North Face makes lovely down jackets and these amazing down filled booties I want to die in forever.

Layering is essential. You can always take things off. I'd adivse you get some good long-sleeve tees that you can layer with other tees. Get some scarves to shield your face from any biting wind or snow, and make them either cashmere or silk. Both insulate better than anything polyster or nylon.

Get comfy sweats for lounge time and a mug to hold hot chocolate/coffee in. It'll warm you up instantly during a chilly walk. Also think about maybe purchasing some light layering jackets or sweatshirts for use in the common room or lounge or even on a lazy day in class.

While you are in the common room or just studying, you can make yourself a heating pad. It's a square of cotton fabric that has been folded over and sewn with either rice grains or wheat grains. You can microwave it and it stays warm for over an hour. Those little things have saved my freezing cold hands and other parts many times.

Get a good fleece blanket. Never underestimate the power of a good blanket to curl up in. If you can afford it, although you are probably a very poor college student, get a down duvet. The most amazing squishy thing I've ever slept in, and so warm. It's like an oven.

I'm from Montana, which has very similiar weather only I'm a couple hundered miles south. Alberta sends all it's wind and ice down here, so it's very, if not perfectly the same. I get cold very easily and those are all things I have done that have helped.

Cassandra Said:

Studying in alberta canada for a year, what to wear?

We Answered:

It's like -30 Celsius degrees so buy a warm winter coat. Also, don't buy too many shorts. Also not a lot of t-shirts. Jeans. Boots. Be sure to have a comfy hoodie and a raincoat. Huum that's about it. Good luck ;D

Derrick Said:

Studying in alberta canada for a year, what to wear?

We Answered:

Thermal underwear, tights, snowboots, thick socks, Fleecey jacket, gloves, beanies,jumpers.for about 10 months of the year. Summery stuff for two months.
There are great charity shops there-Goodwill and Women in Need will keep you dressed warm comfortable and fashionable.

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