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Student Accommodations In London

Jesse Said:

Moving to go to school in London?

We Answered:

try to check on this site it's help..

Joyce Said:

Getting Internet without a phoneline for a router, or a plug in connection?

We Answered:

Go for mobile broadband. You will need what is sometimes called a "dongle" which is a small device to plug into a USB port which links to a mobile phone network at typically £15 per month. You can get a connection via the 3G mobile network anywhere their is coverage which should be very adequate for the use you describe. My wife and I have a contract with Vodafone which from our research seemed the best provider and we are very pleased with it.

Clyde Said:

How long will it take from south hall to white chapel?

We Answered:

You need a First Great Western train (not Underground) from Southall to Paddington. They are frequent. Then the Underground Hammersmith and City Line from Paddington to Whitechapel. All ow one hour for the journey including the change of train. A One Day all zone travelcard covering all modes of transport within the London Zones is £8 (higher price before 09-30am weekdays)
If you are travelling frequently a Pay as You Go Oyster card will be the best mode of payment

Alfredo Said:

BA cancelled my return flight. New flight=overnight in London. What kind of accommodations can I expect?

We Answered:

If the flights Entebbe-London-Chicago is in the same booking you will be provided with accommodation at Heathrow.

The two times it has happened to me I was once accommodated at Hilton (Terminal 4), the other time it was Park Inn. Both 4-5 stars. You will get shuttle-bus vouchers if necessary. Also food vouchers.

You may have to actually request this when you arrive at Heathrow. But you're in a good position as it is BA that has changed the booking.

Claude Said:

Is it legal for a central London hostel to "only cater strictly for 18-35 year old guests"?

We Answered:

It is legal if they are registered as a hostel for young people, just like it is legal to have women's hostels and men's hostels.

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