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Student Apartment London

Maria Said:

Student, 5 months in london, Where do i find an affordable and safe apartment?

We Answered:

To be completely honest your budget is pretty small for London, translating roughly into £550 a month. For that price you are not going to be able to get your own flat (we don't tend to call them apartments over here) or studio and so you are going to have to look for a flat share. I'm afraid you are also not going to have the luxury of finding a safe area close to the architectural school - it's more a case of finding the best you can get for that price.

Obviously, the further out from central London you are the cheaper it is and so I'd recommend looking in zones 3-5. As a very rough generalisation the outer suburbs to the west and north of London are generally regarded as safer areas to live. Another option would be to look in areas of London that don't have the tube and are instead serviced by overground trains and busses. If you look on a travel map of London these should be easily identifiable. Due to the lack of tube they tend to be cheaper but are still pretty well serviced by the transport links that are available.

Probably the best place for you to start looking would be It's where most Londoners go to look for property and is usually pretty reliable.

Jessica Said:

Iam going to London later this year for pursuing my MBA. How can I get a decent apartment at a bargain?

We Answered:

Weekly rent will depend on whether you want to share a flat or live alone. Flatshares are considerably cheaper.

e.g. A one bedroom flat in Camden can cost between £200-£500 per week, depending on the size. (Studios - one room - are usually cheaper at around £180, but can be very small). However, a flatshare (one bedroom, shared bathroom and kitchen) can be as cheap as £80 a week, depending on the size of the room etc.

It will also depend on the location. The further out you go from central London, the cheaper it gets - but you will have to think about travel costs as well.

Try MoveFlat -

Gumtree -

Into London -

EasyRoommate -

Remember to ask whether bills are included in the rent. If they're not, you will need to pay council tax, water, gas, electricity, etc.

If you are studying here, find out if your university or college has any accomodation - e.g. halls of residence (dorms). They usually have an accomodation office who can help you find affordable flats and flatshares in London.

Good luck :)

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