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Student Apartments Dublin

Delores Said:

i need some ideas for my college apartment!!!!?

We Answered:

Every good student's house needs the periodic table of mixology!…

And neon lighing, typically of your favorite brand of beer is highly recomended.

Julie Said:

Moving to Dublin, Ireland?

We Answered:

I would not consider you to move there.

First of all there are no jobs at the moment and I don't think there is recovery in Ireland.
It is a very racist country. I am not black neither Asian and I have been targeted a lot of times, not to mention some colored friends of mine.
It is boring, there is nothing to do unless you drink a lot.
The cost of life is high. Minimum wage is good abt 8 euro per hour.

There are other factors than the cost of life etc... if you are a visible minority you should not come. I lived there for 3 years. I am in London not and I love it. It is so diverse here, blacks, whites, yellows... I have a lot of friends (including English), my life is back again. I try to forget what I have lived in Dublin, how lonely I was, how unsupported I was feeling because I am not Irish and how many times I have been abused because I am not Irish... and so far not any single person I met in Ireland (some French, Greeks, Finnish and Chezs) do not have an Irish friend.

I am sorry for disheartening you but this is my opinion based on what I have experienced in this small conservative country. Most of the people live in cavemen's age. You can hear opinions so much conservative especially towards foreigners that you cannot believe it!!!

If you really want to live in Europe and you don't speak any other language except English then maybe try England or Scotland but I would encourage you to learn. You have time to do that. Learn Spanish, Italian, German or maybe French (easier I suppose if you live in Canada) because honestly there are much better places to live in Europe. The quality of life in Ireland is somewhere in the bottom.

The following survey confirms that one in 3 Irish people are xenophobic.
Also make a further youtube research to find out about racism in Ireland but be warned you may lose hope for humanity.

Regarding the question above: The BNP and other far right political parties have gained power because due to the recession the people blame others for the economical downturn. In Ireland the fact far right parties don't exist it doesnt mean the people are not conservative. They just hesitate to show their racist feelings in Europe cause they were immigrants and they want their country profile to remain good in order to attract tourists and get more money.

Also the Irish HATE the Polish. Why you don;t make a research in the internet and them tell me where the most racism comes from?

Did you forget the blueshirts pal? Who helped Franco in Spain? Did you forget the British fought the nazis while you a small church dictated country followed the Fascist call of Franco and Mussolini? Not to mention the opposition in the Irish parliament which is a typical right wing party, racist with xenophobic attitudes.

And if you are so great let others say that not you.

Oh... and I have been outside of London, and my cousin lives in France and another in Sweden. They haven't complained for racism yet!!!

Standards of living:
Awful transport system, broken streets
Healthcare which does not exist (you pay 70euro to visit a doctor in a hospital)
High crime
Litter everywhere
Bad and expensive housing
The quality of food.... pathetic!
Those are high standards? I dread to think the low

Jon Said:

How would I go about spending a summer in Dublin?

We Answered:

Dublin is horrendously expensive at the moment, although that might have changed by next summer, as one of the things about the economic downturn means that landlords can no longer expect to get extortionate rents from their tenants.

You would need to contact the Irish Embassy to find how long you are entitled to stay without having to go the hassle of getting work permits, or even if you are entitled to stay and work for 3 months. There may be some kind of programme in place for university students, sort of a reverse J1, you can always ask about this.

As regards finding a place to stay, short-term lets are hard. Try, you may be lucky and encounter a house full of teachers heading for the countryside during the summer who are happy to have someone cover their rent.

You might get some work, but I doubt it would be part-time. More like night-time in pubs, for cash in hand.

Tamara Said:

Where should I move to?

We Answered:

You are impatient. This is your final year. You have been bearing conditions for a long time. Bear it for some more time. Concentrate on your study .Job prospects shall be available after getting university degree. Your dream shall be full filled only after your hard work.

Gordon Said:

Where should I move too?

We Answered:

Sounds like you mean California ;)

Jorge Said:

I need some ideas for my college apartment!!!!?

We Answered:

A "hugh" poster?

I think concentrating on your studies instead of your apartment would do you a world of good.

You spelled "huge" correctly the second time in your edit but when you used it to describe the poster on the roof you spelled it "hugh".

"also we have a hugh poster on the roof which my friend stole of a billbord"

Glenn Said:

Is it easy for aPhD student to find a studio apartment in Dublin Ireland? How much will that be?

We Answered: - Great site for flat-shares and house/apartment rentals.

Discuss It! said:

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