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Student Apartments For Rent

Gina Said:

Is it reasonably easy for an international student to rent an apartment in the U.S.?

We Answered:

It will be easy, especially in the areas around campus. The landlords there will be used to it.
Your friend should be ready to prove her financial resources through bank statements, just like she did when she obtained the visa. It will also help if she has a history of renting in the US or in her home country.

Kristen Said:

What is the difference between a student apartment and a regular apartment?

We Answered:

The question is, why would you want to rent in student housing?? They are loud, noisy and cater mainly to students. Chances are they will not rent to families.

Students can live in apartments that are not student housing and will probably need to have parents co-sign since they dont' have a job or credit history.

Take it from someone who went to college, spend the first year living in the dorms two if you can then move off campus or move into student housing, this way you'll make friends if you live on campus and can find roommates to share an apartment with.

Connie Said:

Sunnyside Queens NY? Is this a safe area for a college student to rent an apartment??

We Answered:

Sunnyside/Woodside area is very safe. Woodside is well known for it's pubs, has the highest concentration of pubs in NYC. It's a nice mixture of Europeans, some Korean & Chinese, Indians, and Romanians. Very low crime, occasional thefts once in a while, some graffiti once in a while, but it's a very close knit community that watches one out for another. I'd be careful of the industrial area of Sunnyside (west of 37st street, south of Queens Blvd) since that's where Long Island City industrial area blends in, but then again, there's no apartments there anyways.

Only catch, the 7 subway morning rush hour to Manhattan is insane. Think Tokyo trains... the subways are packed to the brim. The evening rush hour is not bad at all. Since you're that close, you might as well take the bus on Queens Blvd.

If you're looking for local businesses, they're concentrated on Queens Blvd itself, Greenpoint Ave (from 495 to Queens Blvd), and Roosevelt Ave (renamed Greenpoint north of Queens Blvd).

P.S. One of the best burger's in NYC is in Woodside.

5724 Roosevelt Ave. (57st), Woodside, Queens, (718) 429-9339

Katie Said:


We Answered:

Don't rent a college place blind. Go on the UCF and Valencia forums or facebook pages and find out where students with your interests live. Try Craigslist, visit the area before moving there.

Orlando has a ton, a ton, of homes owned by internationals. Maybe you guys could score a single family for short money and have the freaking time of your life.

Vincent Said:

College student apartment rent.No heat all winter?

We Answered:

You will need to call the health department. You have a bad landlord and another letter will not help things.

It is illegal to leave you without any heat source and the health department takes it very seriously.

Gerald Said:

Student looking for apartments or rooms to rent in Toronto for september . please help?

We Answered:

Kijiji (link posted in another answer) is probably your best bet. If you're able to just head down to the Lake Shore and wander around a bit looking at buildings and calling landlords. There are quite a few buildings of varying age and type - look for New Toronto/Mimico/Long Branch. Humber is at Kipling and Lake Shore, but anywhere along Lake Shore - the streetcar service is decent especially now that you can use Nextbus to find out when the next one is coming. You might even consider a condo up at Kipling. Even the western edge of downtown/Parkdale is within a half-hour streetcar ride of campus.

It's a very mixed income sort of area, so don't just go with the cheapest option you find because you'll find the residents are not good neighbours in that sort of building. Check out the demographics of the people that live in the building.

Also, make sure to check out Bed bugs are an enormous problem in Toronto and you need to avoid moving into a problem building as they won't let you out of the lease if you get them.

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