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Student Apartments In London

Rachel Said:

Does anyone know how to find a high school dorm or apartment in United Kingdom?

We Answered:

You likely will not get student apartments for high scoolers. Children in 'high school', which is actually secondary school or upper school here (and then sixth form/further education college between 16 and 18) don't live in dorms (unless it's a bording school which you could look into i guess) and rarely live away from home.

Most students, at least where i live, at that age could not afford to live away from home, and there are no dorms on any of the schools or sixth form colleges unless they are bording schools (in which case, you have to look specifically for one of these types of school to go to, and they are usually private, so you have to pay more).

Good luck on your exchange program though.

Sheila Said:

Are food and drink expensive in London?

We Answered:

yes extremly!!! hahah my brother just left for london on monday and thats all he is complaining about right now. that every food and drink is so expensive their!!

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