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Student Apartments London

Tracy Said:

What are some things I should know about finding an apartment in London, England?

We Answered:

1. Central London (Downtown) is ridiculously expensive chose a safe suburb with good travel link.

2. try not to use an estate agent aka letting agent they are a rip off

3. Try these websites and

Alma Said:

im an unemployed student in london uk and i want to buy an apartment by monthly instalments what can i do?

We Answered:

Forget the idea, you've no chance.

Laurie Said:

where is the best place to look for a sgared apartment in london?

We Answered:

Have you tried the Loot?

Paula Said:

How much for student accomadation in London?

We Answered:


£200/week is quite a lot for the rest of the UK but I guess for London this price may not be that high.
I'd recommend you spend your first year in university halls, that way you won't have to worry about any additional expenses (utility bills and council tax) plus, it'll save you additional worries with looking for accommodation before actually moving there. After your first year, you will have settled down and know the housing options and prices better, made some friends and maybe look for a flat together with some of them.

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