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Student Apartments Melbourne

Craig Said:

What do people have to say about UniLodge student apartments?

We Answered:

It's a good student accommodation. The apartment is in a very good location near the train station, tram stops and main city area with restaurants, bars, library, etc. You can choose to live at UniLodge on Flinders Street or UniLodge on Swanston Street. Both are good locations. Swanston Street one is very close to RMIT and closer to Melbourne University by tram.

The accommodation has everything including kitchenware, tv. It's fully furnished so that's the best part about it. I recommend the apartment for you to stay. It's well built.

Valerie Said:

What are some good rental sites for flats/homes around Melbourne or Sydney?

We Answered:

Colleen Said:

Does anyone know of any budgetable student hostels/apartments in Melbourne, Australia?

We Answered:

Here dude here is a link to a page full of details for you.…

Tyler Said:

How Is the electrical and water bills charged in Melbourne?

We Answered:

Electricity is about 17cents a Kw used, depending on the retailer in the area you will be living in. If you use about 3 kw a day on average, your 3 month account would be around $46.

Water is too complicated to work out as there are so many added charges at different times of the year, but roughly around $40 per 3 months.

Beth Said:

Where should I live during my tenure at the University of Melbourne?

We Answered:

Contact the university and ask them for a list of people that are offering rooms and accommodation for students.…

Melinda Said:

How do I find an apartment in Melbourne?

We Answered:

queens college is a lovely mansion in the inner city, for overseas students,
there are plenty of hostels [but hostels arent exactly luxurious]
elizabeth tower hotel,

this website has some affordable and beautiful innner city appartments in melbourne

Johnnie Said:

Student and Night Life in Australia - Melbourne?

We Answered:

"I'll be renting an apartment there by myself so this should make my life easier as well but I'd like to know how is it like? "
It depends where you live... the Eastern suburbs are the wealthier suburbs, with most of that area having a median house price of $1.5million, so law enforcement is generally more on the ball there, it's much safer than the Western suburbs, where a lot of scumrats live.

"How are the girls? "
If you are tanned and speak with a Brazilian Portuguese accent, you will be fighting women off by the truckload.

"Do people have anything against immigrants (specially brazilians)?"
Despite what you read in the news, Melbourne is a very multicultural place. My family hails from India, and have never been subject to any racism.

"Are people friendly?"
Generally. We have many, many groups of people in Melbourne. At the risk of sounding racist, it's the Middle Easterns you need to worry about. Usually Lebanese, they will loiter around public places and carparks (usually at night) in large groups and will bash, stab and mug people at will. Law enforcement here is beyond a joke, so if you get attacked, don't ever expect justice, because our system is spineless and encourages these cowards.

"As a brazilian I love to party and to get aroun with girls (since in Brazil is quite easy)... How are the uni students there? do they party as well? drink?"
Melbourne has the best nightlife in the country... Friday and Saturday nights are always very lively in the CBD and the inner suburbs (Richmond, Prahran etc). Drinking is part of our culture here.
While we have a very active nightlife, it is also dangerous. There is a LOT of alcohol related violence in the city on weekends, in fact I can't even remember the last time I went out without seeing multiple fights, stabbings, and ambulances.
Our police force don't have the power to rightfully defend themselves, so the streets are often void of enforcement which lets this violence run rampant.

Enjoy your stay here :D

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