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Student Flat London

Theodore Said:

where can i get cheap studio flat in london?

We Answered:

I am afraid that you will find that most landlords renting out studio flats will specify no pets.

Carrie Said:

Student Accomodation (with family) in Islington, London?

We Answered:

Hello, try in the accommodation/lettings section which is the first section. Also try and

Joanne Said:

How much should I spend on a flat in London?

We Answered:

Lenders like to see that your mortgage (including tax and insurance) don't exceed 30% of your gross income. Total debt payments should not exceed 36% ideally. Though many lenders are more flexible than that and will give you the money, I don't think you should stretch too far beyond those guidelines. You want to be able to afford to eat out, go on vacation, and save for retirement and other things too.

Minnie Said:

How does someone find a flat in London without getting ripped off or scammed?

We Answered:

Have you considered going to different rental agencies directly? Go to Such-and-such Properties (whoever the big rental people are there) and ask them how much a month rent is. Or google an apartment finder for London.

I can tell you from personal experience though, if you rent from an individual with no accountability (rather than a company), you're going to get ripped off. Been there, done that!

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