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Student Flats In Edinburgh

Jacqueline Said:

Financial Support for Students.?

We Answered:

My advise to you, would be to apply for everything. What ever you borrow you pay back a tiny percentage of what you earn a week, once you've graduated. This could turn out to as little as a fiver a week. Plus if you dont work for some years, it gets written off. If you stop working, your not expected to pay. Plus if you apply for all the extras, they are non-repayable.
Especially as you hav £3.2k, thats not gonna get you very far, due to the years you have of study. I spent just under £3k of my own savings in my first year, even tho i had full loan and grants. So really you would need the full loan and extras to survive.
Just apply for EVERYTHING, that way you'll get everything your entitled to. It has it all on the student finance website.
And dont worry, due to your application being late you may not recieve your payment at the beginning of the year. However once its processed you will. I think you can apply at any time during the year.
Hope that may have helped you a little.

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