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Student Flats To Rent London

Allan Said:

Rents in london for an university student?

We Answered:

Ciao Sebastiano

Devi guardare qui! or

Try the sites above. For that kind of money you are probably looking at somewhere like Clapham or Tooting with a House/Flat Share. You have the Northern Line (Metropolitana) which takes to direct into the centre also.

Buona fortuna!

Dianne Said:

How do I find a one bedroom flat to rent short term?

We Answered:

I'm from the UK you won't find any problem finding a place as they do do holiday rentals for short periods including fully serviced flats. It is expensive though. While I don't know of any sites offhand you could try and do a search, or the Sunday Times newspaper, which is also on line. There is also a site called Gumtree and you select London and short term rentals. The problem with that is it is individual, regular people, renting their flats so you would have to be careful as they have invested interest and of course careful with deposit when booking.

Elaine Said:

Back to london after 9 years in States will non/sporadic payment of old student loan affect flat rent?

We Answered:

Unlikely to effect the actual Rent ..
.. your Credit Score will have been effected, and this may make it difficult to obtain a flat - since Landlords generally want Tenets who have a history of paying their debts :-) ...

HOWEVER debts of more than 7 years old are usually 'retired', AND the Credit Reference Agencies tie names to addresses .. if you don't give your old UK address it's highly unlikely they will 'find you out' ...

So, so long as you have a job and can afford to pay Rent, you really should have no problems at all ...

Darrell Said:

What are the best neighbourhoods in Central London to rent a flat and start out?

We Answered:

I recommend you go to the new website I have linked below, the guy who runs it comes on here. Get in touch with them and they will help you best they can. Good luck in your move

Marie Said:

Can someone with a student visa buy a flat in London?

We Answered:

There are no restrictions on foreign ownership of property. You would need to pay all-cash, however. You would not be eligible for any mortgage in UK, since you are not legally resident & not employed. You could not get a mortgage in your own country against property located in another country.

Also, property ownership gives you NO rights, or even eligibility for, any sort of visa, residency, etc. In fact, owning property proves ties to that country, not your own, and can be grounds for denying even a tourist visa - lack of ties & compelling reason to return to your country, presumption of intent to remain in violation of visa terms.

Nathaniel Said:

how much would it cost a student to rent a flat in London ?

We Answered:

Hi there

The short answer is a flatshare from as little as £60 pw to £1000s for a luxury flat in Kensington.

If you rent on the outskirts of London and travel in by tube (about 30 -60 mins depending on location) it is much cheaper. It is a balance with commute time and how much you can pay. As a starting point find out what tube lines are near the place you will be studying at.

Renting a room, e.g. flat or house share, is the cheapest, you will have lots of choice in the £70 to £100 range. Some good sites for flat or house share are:

They are all provide a free service to find rooms.

If you want to rent a complete flat or house then some useful sites are:

A site launching early in August is, this is a totally free service website for tenants, landlords and agents. Whether you want a room or a house, DHS or paying yourself, this site will provide support. The site will even email you when an ad is placed matching your requirements - a totally free service

I am sure you will find what you want from one of the above sites.

Good luck

John Said:

London student: start flat-hunting now or in September?

We Answered:

You could start looking now but let the landlords know that you don't need the flat until September. Many landlords who rent to students let their properties out to non-students for the summer months (and they aren't overly happy about tenants subletting).

Your university/college should have a list of student houses/properties available for the start of term and you should research that now before they are all taken.

There will probably be other student houses with a room or two going spare - check with the college/student union.

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