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Student Flats To Rent

George Said:

What rent will I have to pay for a student flat in Durham ?

We Answered:

Rooms in a shared house range from £60 to £100 per week.
Flats or apartments range from £110 to £150 depending on size and number of bedrooms.

Contact me and I will see if I can help. Im a Letting Agent but dont have anything in Durham but feel free to ask if you need assistance.

Daniel Said:

Is it a discrimination if landlords and letting agencies refuse to rent a flat just because I am a student?

We Answered:

The is no law against discrimination against students. Discrimination is only illegal if based on the ground of race, religion or belief, sex, disability, or age. But even then, not all grounds apply in all cases.

Many students take very little care of the places they live in, so I can understand why the landlords refuse to let to them, even though this is based on a stereotype so is clearly a "discriminatory" act.

If you work full-time simply "ignore" your status as a student. Say you work full-time and you should be OK. If you don't like lying then take a tip from the politicians and avoid the question. If asked "are you a student" answer "I work full time". You have not denied it but you have answered a slightly different question from which the landlord will reach the wrong conclusion. It is highly unlikely to be in the actual contract that you cannot be a student, so you will not have any long term problems.

Lucille Said:

how difficult is it for a full time student to rent a flat alone?

We Answered:

not so difficult if you have the finance , most students cannot afford to have a sole rental so have shared accomodation .

Dolores Said:

I have student flat in italy how i can rent to english student, which internet adrees i can reach?

We Answered:

Hi! I wish you were around 4 years ago! Where is it? And why doed it have to be English Student? Anyway, when I was in Bologna, most student flats were dealt by a University association, and I believe most Universities do this. Check their websites like and if you know your Italian check a portal like

Carolyn Said:

What rent will I have to pay for a student flat in Newcastle ?

We Answered:

Check my answer to the one you asked about Durham. I have a couple of rooms left in Newcastle and also can give you more numbers of Landlords if you need them.

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