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Student House London

Diane Said:

Please tell me how do I get my students, where do I go best for advertise in S. London zone 3.?

We Answered:

What do you teach? It would be easiest if you find a center that specializes in your field of teaching and work with them as a freelance teacher.

Melvin Said:

I will be in London during June and July and I was wondering what are the top spots for bars and clubs?

We Answered:

the boogaloo is a regular hang out for celebs and very good price have a great time. if i was u i would just eat in places like mcdonalds and save all the money for clubs theres loads in soho.

Mitchell Said:

i am comming in London with student visa. can anyone pls tell me current job situation for student in london.?

We Answered:

Student visa's are designed for people who are learning overseas to the country they came from. To use your student visa, you must be enrolled at a place of learning (University, College etc). Students can work, but only a small number of hours - Say for example, a waitress or bar tender, earning minimum wage per hour, fitting it around their learning hours.

You cannot come to the UK using a student visa to try and work in the Finance sector. To work in the UK doing that sort of job, you'd first need to be accepted by a company that works in that field, and they will then sponsor you to come here to work. But as our economy is in tatters already, I doubt you'll be able to find anything.

So, unless your going to college or university here in the UK, you won't be able to come here on your Student visa. If you are coming here to learn, then by all means 'Yes' you can get part time work to fit around your courses, which would go to fund your living expenses.

Edit: If you could find work that will get you 20 hours per week, then I would think you could just about get by. I would suggest house sharing with somebody; maybe someone else who is studying with you. That way, you can share the living costs. £5.50 is minimum wage - So times that by 20, and then by 4 (4 weeks every month), gives you £440 a month income. If you can house share, you'll be living on a tight budget, but it's just about possible. TIP: If you can find a job where your dealing with food (maybe in a restaurant or at a bar), quite often the business owner will actually feed you. I'm not saying work in McDonalds, but they are a good example; during your lunch break, your entitled to a free McDonalds, which goes along side your wage. If you could find a job like that, then theres one less meal you have to think about being able to afford.

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