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Student House Share London

Dana Said:

Where can I find a cheap bedsit/house share in north london?

We Answered:

On the Right Move website you need to pick your way through the garages for rent (no, you can't live in one!). Also check through Spare Room.

Eric Said:

best and cheapest way to get to london from America?

We Answered:

I always thought that hostels were a little creepy-- sharing a room with someone you don't know. You should be able to find a cheap hotel in London (if you don't mind going to the bathroom at the end of the hall). But don't be too shocked if you see that the rooms are really tiny-- just enough room for the bed, small table and shower. And no room to pace.

Mattie Said:

How much should i expect to pay for bills in a shared house?

We Answered:

That sounds about right. The house that I currently live in has bills included so not exactly sure, but about two years ago I was paying ...

£55 per month for:
- Council tax (cheap though, as it was an old, crap house)
- Water
- Electricity
- Gas
- TV license
There were five of us in a five-bed house. We occassionally (maybe once every three months) had to put in an extra tenner, especially in the winter when the heating bills are going to be larger.

Now, this was a couple of years ago and costs have gone up since then. But since you're not paying council tax, £50 sounds about right!

That said, if I were you I would try to save a little bit of extra money in case you are suddenly faced with a bill that you can't afford. Or at least have some kind of back-up - maybe a parent will help you out until you can afford to pay them back.

Sheila Said:

Looking for an House for Rent?

We Answered:

You definitely won't be able to afford to rent a whole house - you will need to share. I don't know how much you earn as a waiter but I earn £26.5K and I can't afford to live alone. Plus, since you are new to London, sharing will be a great way of meeting people and making friends.

Have a look on Gumtree for flats to share, or ask your colleagues if they know of anything going.

Jennie Said:

which internet provider?

We Answered:

Have you tried a price comparison site? I've been researching these for my own web-site and I see that uswitch can give prices for telecomms products, including bundles. Please take a look via the link below (yes, I will get a little commission).

Mary Said:

A Possible Move to London?

We Answered:

Okay, let's talk about the work permit situation first. It is very difficult for an American to move to the UK unless:
a) An employer were to sponsor you. However, you would probably have to have already worked for the same company in the US for a period of time
b) You qualify for the Highly Skilled Migrant Program. This is not actually that difficult - do some further research on this by googling it, but in many professions, either a Bachelor's degree and a couple of years experience, or a Master's Degree and one years' experience, will ensure that you qualify
c) You come here to study and get a student visa instead. I believe you can undertake part-time work whilst studying, and I think you can stay and work for something like six months after university

If you have good grades, you should find it easy enough to get into most colleges of the University of London. Some of them have very competitive entry anyway, even for UK students. Americans may find it difficult to be admitted to the most competitive courses as it's generally recognised that an American secondary education is not as good as a British one (that's why when Brits go to the US to college, then can usually skip the first year) but you can get around this by applying to a less competitive course and then switching after your first year.

I will say though, that you could attend university in either the US or the UK, but do not consider not going. There is no way you would ever qualify for entry to the UK without a university education.

Don't worry about housing. Everyone will tell you that it's expensive, and it is, but that's why people in London earn higher salaries than in the rest of the country. To live alone in London, you'd probably need to pay £650 per month minimum (for a small studio) plus all your bills, so you'd have to earn at least £28,000 to afford this. But, there are many cheap shared flats where you could look at paying £360-ish for rent and only a small share of the bills - sharing is definitely affordable. If you were studying here, you may find that your university would have cheap accommodation. I think the best area in London to live for being both cheap and safe is Manor House/Turnpike Lane/Wood Green, but then other factors may affect this such as where you work. I work at London Bridge and it was taking me a whole hour to get to work from Wood Green, so I had to move. But these areas are convenient for many other places.

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