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Student House Shares

Bonnie Said:

I have the most annoying ***** in our shared student house, and i need ideas to get rid of her pls.... T_T?

We Answered:

why do u wanna get rid of her?! give her a second chance... maby she'll end up being ur friend, dont get rid of her, it might hert her feelings... a lot.. give her another chance :]

Salvador Said:

I have the most annoying b i c h in our shared student house, and i need ideas to get rid of her pls.... T_T?

We Answered:

Is it student housing provided by the university? If it is, can you just report her if she's smoking where it's clearly not permitted? Also, I would think that the group of you could register a complaint that she is keeping you from being able to study or rest up for classes the next day and making it near impossible to concentrate on your education.
You should also document all incidents of her being disruptive.

If it's just a place where you all pay rent --kick her out on her @ss-- but do it legally (usually you have to give 30 days) or she'll screw you guys for throwing her out w/o warning.

Good luck!
I have had some really obnoxious roommates in my time! =P

Derek Said:

Bills in shared student house?

We Answered:

You should probably send one check as payment, and have the other tenants pay the person who writes the final check. My experiences with sending multiple checks for one bill is that the dimwits on the other end will invariably screw up crediting the payment properly if more than one check is involved.

That sort of data nightmare isn't easy to correct. It's not worth the risk.

Frederick Said:

How much would you pay for 1 room student accomodation (shared flat or house) in the Watford/Estree area?

We Answered:

£60 p.w

Darryl Said:

I want to live in a student house share in NYC for the summer '11?

We Answered:

It is good that you are planning early. You should seriously look into visa requirements for your visit. You may be able to secure a visa to get that internship. Your school may be able to help you with that. Your experience catering and witnessing will be useless as it will be illegal to work while in the US on a tourist visa and you will not get a visa to work in those areas.
Start searching for that internship now so you can get the visa sponsorship underway!

Donna Said:

Student shared house, how much are utility bills?

We Answered:

The best way to be sure that you have enough is to allow £20 each a month for each utility - so you'll have £40 put away for electricity and £40 put away for gas - you should be OK with that! You can set up a direct debit to take that amount out each month and then if the bill doesn't amount to that much you will have credit on your account to take over to the next bill which is always good in case you happen to use a bit more one month! If after you get your first few bills and the direct debits aren't covering it then you can ring the utility company and increase your direct debit by say £5 or however much you are going over.

Just remember to conserve the energy you use and you should be fine! (especially not leaving anything like TVs on stand by!)

Billy Said:

4 Students in shared student house TV in communal living room?

We Answered:

if all other bills are shared 4 ways then id say tv licence should be too.
get the landlord involved if u have to.

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