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Student Houses Belfast

Lance Said:

I live in belfast and have gotten virgin media broadband and im tryin to make it wireless?

We Answered:

with that router, you should only need to plug the Ethernet cable coming out of your broadband modem from virgin mobile into the internet port on your wireless router. How you configure the wifi conection is totally up to you. With this router you WONT need a pc on all the time with a bridged internet connection.

Rebecca Said:

too scared to go out because i was raped.. will i get over this?

We Answered:

i'd reccomend joining a gang

Lorraine Said:

Hoping to go to Belfast, Ireland for school?

We Answered:

Although I don't go there myself, Queens has an excellent reputation. It is a very prestigious university with a beautiful historic main building and good grade reputations.

The student halls (housing) are well known for being the cheapest in the UK, at around £65 per week and are very close to the university. You will get a wide variety of students from all over Northern Ireland, as well as from Ireland and from across the water, and there is a vibrant, but extremely relaxed atmosphere on campus.

Now for the area. It is in an area of South Belfast, which is very stylish and closely intertwined with the more rural Belfast. It's around a half-hour walk from the city centre, but is drastically quieter and more laid back. It is a VERY student-like area and has loads of cafes, restaurants, bars and nightclubs which often have student discounts and "student nights". It's my personal favourite area of Belfast.

As I said, Belfast is around half an hour away by foot (5-10 mins by train, but getting a train such a short distance seems pointless and expensive). Despite its turbulent past (*see source 1*), it is now considered to be one of the safest cities in Europe. It has hundreds upon hundreds of big name stores for shopping, as well as a massive new shopping centre with many designer brands and a relatively new Hollister store, which is very popular currently.

I can't really say that much about the guys - because I AM a guy. But many women who come to NI from abroad often say they like the guys because of the Northern Ireland accent - which interestingly, most Northern Irish people actually dislike and are embarrassed about. :P

The transport links are some of the most uncomplicated in the UK and can get you mostly anywhere - on the eastern side of the country at least.

If you want a bit of a look at the area, use Street-View on Google Maps/Earth to take you to right outside the university by typing: 54°35'4.45"N, 5°56'10.83"W

People from Northern Ireland are generally very friendly to foreigners. A lot of people from elsewhere consider the Northern Irish to be the friendliest peoples in the UK. Especially black-taxi drivers - they're a right laugh.

Also, you need to keep it in mind that Belfast is in **Northern** Ireland, which is in the UK (Britain) (*see source 2*). You will look like the ignorant American if you call it "Ireland" - not to mention that you will get mixed up in the whole Northern Ireland argument (see next paragraph). Just a heads up.

Another tip, if you decide to go here - don't get caught up in any of the Unionist/Nationalist, Catholic/Protestant stuff (*see source 1 again*). Leave that to the locals. Try to refer to the people as "Northern Irish", not British or Irish. As a foreigner, you are much much safer than a local from getting caught up in an argument of this sort, and you could probably travel completely safely to some places in Belfast that some locals would be too afraid to go to - so that's good lol.

And I don't know what idiot gave "Rask Balavoine"s answer a thumb-down. That's just the fact.

Denise Said:

Should I go away for university?

We Answered:

go to scotland - you're going to have to leave home eventually and so you might as well leave now when other people your age are leaving as well! good luck! :)

Anna Said:

Is it a bad decision or a good one to head up to my student house because my aunt is on my back?

We Answered:

Just get on your bike and go...
She may get upset, but sounds like you need a change of pace!

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