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Student Houses Flats

Christine Said:

Can an international student start up a business in uk?

We Answered:

It's not impossible for an international student to set up a business in the UK. One of the best organisations to speak to is your local Business Link. They'll be able to advise you on who to speak to about your visa conditions as well as giving you free help and information on starting in business.

Your question about buying a house depends on whether you want a mortgage for it. If you do, it's unlikely that a lender will consider you as you've no way of demonstrating long-term ability to pay for the mortgage. If you don't need a mortgage, you can buy a property in the UK, in the same way that UK nationals buy properties in other countries.

Good luck!

Judy Said:

any1 know of a 2 bed student house/flat for 2 girls in wavertree liverpool?

We Answered:

have a look at the website and go to the liverpool section there are usually houses in wavertree advertised there.

Randall Said:

Do you know where I might find pictures of UCL's Student Houses?

We Answered:

This is a website where you can find aerial photos using the post codes, this is one for Ann Stephenson House:…

This is the list of addresses of the accommodation so you can enter the post codes & view them for yourself…

When you type in the post code it will bring up a map, click on the tab that says bird's eyes view & click in the circle to bring up the picture, you should also be able to rotate the picture by clicking the white arrow in the blue circle.

You could also email the University for more information.

Natalie Said:

Are there any flats/houses in leeds that allow pets?

We Answered:

Yes, but you'll need to look privately, house shares and student flats/houses won't let you.
Use to search for houses, you'd be looking at paying at least £400 per calendar month though for a private house, maybe a little less in certain areas.

Dustin Said:

Does anyone know a flat/house to stay in Manchester (i.e. student) for a party weekend for 7 fiends?

We Answered:

If you are interested in apartments then visit… to search top class class apartments in Manchester at knockdown prices.

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