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Student Houses Nottingham

Beverly Said:

stuck in a hole & don't know where to go for advice

We Answered:

Well, you have obviously put a lot of thought into this and having the right attitude is the first step to success.

The first step to receiving counselling in my eyes is to see your GP or visit your local doctor. They can set you up with the right councillor for your needs and its very helpful to do this via your doctor so they have it on their records. Any future stress or illnesses could be a result of the reason you need counselling and them knowing this will greatly improve them diagnosing you.

Unfortunately, as far as I'm aware student accommodation doesn't exist for colleges, only University. This would I guess be a big problem from you. Is it not possible to stay with family in Nottingham? If not you may struggle attending college and paying accommodation rent as any part time job you had probably wouldn't cover it. Are you living alone in Wales now? What's your financial situation. Maybe doing so money re evaluating may help you to make the move. Talking to anyone in your family is definitely the next thing to do to see if they can help you financially.

As for colleges in Nottingham check out New College Nottingham

They have a Pubic Services BTEC Full Diploma course.…

Hope I have helped in some way :)

Cynthia Said:

Wich of these cities are the best to live in England?

We Answered:

Probably York.


Have a look at…

Liverpool and Manchester are grim. I believe that the local town halls employ people to say they are nice places .on YA.
Nottingham has the country's highest crime rate.

My opinion is that London is the best city to live in in England. Many of the places on the best places to live are in Greater London.

Ross Said:

Where is cheap parking in Nottingham at weekends?

We Answered:

Try a park & ride - search on the internet to find your nearest.

Linda Said:

Is Nottingham a safe city for a University student?

We Answered:

It's not as dangerous as everyone makes out. Just like any city, you have to be sensible, but you're in no more danger than anywhere else.

Of course you can go out after 8... the uni is in a nice area, so as long as you don't go to the "rougher" parts of town you will be fine.

Bus alone after a night out is the same price as a taxi (It becomes £3.50 after 11) so taxi is cheaper and safer.

Jennifer Said:

Planning for the future - university?

We Answered:

Its a good idea, but I wouldn't worry about it too much. I'm in year 11 too and I heard that if your parents have a low income then you can apply for financial help.…
Also for certain unis and courses you can get bursaries, eg. if you do really well in your A levels then your tuition fees might be paid

Also don't let costs put you off applying to other unis, just make sure that the uni has a good psychology and sociology course and that you'll enjoy it there. If you get a good degree and get a worthwhile job then you can pay off the student loan gradually, and I think that you have to earn £15,000 a year before that happens.
Unless you'll feel homesick, I have a feeling that would quickly happen to me

Have a nice time planning for uni, I know I will :)

Jim Said:

where is a good place to buy a house in nottingham?

We Answered:

The Mapperly Park area is nice and leafy - only downside (don't laugh) is that the main road sometimes has kerb crawling at night - it sounds awful but it's a lovely area just a cause of being on the main road I think.

Annie Said:

What games do children play in the garden?

We Answered:

I remember making mud pies, playing tag, pretending to be lost in the forest, playing made up games with the garden hose, water balloons or squirt guns, we had a sort of "fort" type thing that my dad made and we would camp out in it with our cousins.

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