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Student Houses Preston

Ralph Said:

R U going out today/tonight? In NW UK? Ever use Nothwestscene site? Useful info @ tonight/Fri/Sat events by U?

We Answered:

Im not going out tonight, the nightlife where I live is non-exsistent except the tacky Reflex nightclub to name a few...

I have though been to Liverpool and LOVE the city, its really happening with an exciting vibe! The nightlife sounds immense, just a shame it takes me a couple of hours to drive up there!!!

Pauline Said:

What do people think of Democrat's racist past? (1)?

We Answered:

everyone of all parties needs to stop looking at the past and look towards a future.

Joel Said:

What do you think of my story plot?

We Answered:

First off, this is a good idea.

However, I'm confused. How can she have a "good life" if her father abuses her and her mother? In cases of child abuse, the victims tend to develop trust issues. I don't think it's logical that after being abused by a man, she would immediately fall in love with Sean. I feel like the story would work much better if you just took that out. If you keep it in, abuse is NOT something to be taken lightly. Study the effects it has on people.

What happens to Chiyo? Sean and Lilly both go to college and nothing happens to her? I feel like if she's the one to end the stereotypical story, she should have a good portion of the story's focus.

As I just hinted at, this story isn't all that cliched in that the boy does NOT get the girl, and none of them end up dead. I like it. :)

Christina Said:

Do you like the plot of my story?

We Answered:

If the idea is niggling in the back of your mind and won't leave you alone, go ahead and write it out!

It may turn into a fantastic story (and you've got a great start, here!) or it may not; but either way, you'll have had that much more practice and skill to bring to your next story.

I've been a full-time, professional writer for years, and this is better than most things I wrote when I was twelve.

Keep at it, and good luck!


Michael Said:

Good title for my romance/drama book?

We Answered:

Eh...It's YOUR own book. Think of it yourself!

Your Welcome!

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