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Student Housing Lancaster

Christopher Said:

Do all these pork projects seem like a good use of our hard earned tax dollars? What did it "stimulate"?

We Answered:

Sounds good to me.

Heather Said:

Need help with low income housing for single working, woman with no kids and a full time student.?

We Answered:

Check this site - there is low-income housing available in Lancaster. Check the rules for each housing project to see if you qualify; it's not welfare, it's just low prices for low-income residents.…

Talk with your employer - some have tuition programs to help pay for education.
Also, talk to the counselor on campus. There are lots of programs to help stressed-out students, but they can't help you if you don't ask. A counselor could also point you towards some great scholarships to finance some of your tuition.

Violet Said:

Have you seen the stimulus bill hard at work?

We Answered:

I'm not surprised with anything thing this incompetent administration does.

Carolyn Said:

Lancaster CA, Train question (antelope valley route)?

We Answered:

you can use your metro link ticket on the avta and you can ride for free just show them your ticket

Bill Said:

How can I find free public property records on the internet?

We Answered:

Start with the county recorder or assessor's office. Some make them available online; others make them available only at their office, especially older records. The address would connect to you to the assessor's parcel numbers. You could also look at nearby parcels. Note that street address schemes are sometimes changed. Check with the local health departments about testing.

Jesse Said:

Constructive criticism on the beginning of my novel (I'm 14)?

We Answered:

I think you're very descriptive but reword some sections so not too many sentences begin with I.
For example

As I was driving, I thought about the boy who had rescued me. I thought about how handsome he was. I had never seen him before and by the looks of it, no one has.

Driving with thoughts of how handsome the boy who rescued me was, a giddy smile rose upon my face, although it seems no one has even seen him before my heart yearns to see him once more.

So you took 4 "I's" in that section down to no "I's"

I'm aware that in writing I's are necessary but you don't want it to become repetitive.

It's the same with the "the's"

You could see everything – the giant water tower that stood in the very centre of the city, the long highway near my house, the huge water park on the opposite side of town, and the beautiful evening sky.

I could see it all, a giant water tower surrounded by city action, the long highway near my house, an often populated colossal water park opposite my side of town, and my favorite of all a beautiful evening sky.

You took 7 "the's" down to 1.

Your story is great so far just work on your rewording of different sections and remember to do spell check you meant center not centre I think.

Keep writing and great job

Wayne Said:

Should Section 8 Housing Require Student Age Children to be in SCHOOL?

We Answered:

I think it's a good rule. There is a difference between truancy and being home sick. Sounds like that group is targeting themselves by even saying that. Other ethnicities skip school too, and I would hope this group knows that. TD me, I don't care.

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