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Student Housing Melbourne

Penny Said:

How much $ should I bring to Australia?

We Answered:


The website info from a university in Melbourne may help. I have also included the link from Australian Customs of how much cash you can bring into Australia.

Hope this helps. Good luck and welcome to Melbourne :)

Samantha Said:

Student Living costs in Melbourne?

We Answered:

check out is in almost all major cities provides all information on study abroad,career counselling,entrence exams preparation like GRE,CAT,CET,GMAT,XAT,SAT,IELTS.
it is an excellent counselling organization with very friendly staff.

Bill Said:

Where to live in Melbourne ?

We Answered:

There is a lot of places to rent near the University and you will find many people who are possibly liked minded to yourself.
Clayton itself is versatile and diverse and offers many shops, or you can easily catch the train into the city for nightlife. ( I presume you have read this already )

You could look up under renting and look up suburbs such as clayton, oakleigh , nottinghill, syndal,pinewood., waverley,
It all depends on what the financial situation is going to be as to where you can afford to stay.

You could try just boarding when you first get here , ( look up room and board or boarding houses ) till you find some friends to share with.
you could also try this site…

good luck , it is a decent area , I know i live there :)

Ruben Said:

I'm a foreign exchange student in melbourne. I just rent a house too far away from college. i gave lady money.?

We Answered:

please contact on my id i have solution

Donald Said:

Melbourne University question?

We Answered:

Hi Miss Tofu, here's the link to MElbourne Uni housing.
But you could maybe consider renting with a couple of friends near the city. That's what I'm gonna do when I get into Monash or Melbourne.

Priscilla Said:

What residential college (dormitory) would you reccomend for Melbourne University students?

We Answered:

Yeh i would really like to know also.

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That's what I'm gonna do when I get into Monash or Melbourne.

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