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Student Living In London

Beverly Said:

What is the cheapest way to ship a large box from London to Los Angeles?

We Answered:

Price is not only the factor - I would suggest you go for reliability of the services as well to have peace of mind. Try any of the large renowned courier services for this, eg. DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT.

Wendy Said:

How long is the Tutankhamun exibition in London?

We Answered:

The ticket prices are:
Adults £15.00/ £20.00
Seniors £12.50/ £16.00
Children (ages 5-15) £7.50/ £10.00
Family Tickets £40.00/ £53.00
The first price being weekdays, the second weekends.

For additional £5.50 you can get the golden Tutankhamun Exhibition ticket which also includes the Mummies 3D experience.

It is better to book tickets in advance because free slots may not be available when you just turn up.

Virgil Said:

i need some information from foreign students living in London?

We Answered:

You've actually chose a really bad time, because here in the UK, university prices are rising a lot because of our new government. Very high end schools will change from around £3000, to £9000 (which is around $14000) per year. My older brother has to pay around £400 a month (which he said was a pretty good deal) simply for the rent, without things such as the cost for university.

I would definitely recommend it if you want to go to Oxford or Cambridge, or if you are studying finance in London, as they are globally recognised. If you are starting now, you may be able to avoid the rise. Also the fact that they speak the same language as you is a pretty big benefit.

I personally think you will be better off for both your social life, and your education, if you do go to London.

Antonio Said:

Student model needed for design work portfolio?

We Answered:

hey im a design student in Aus but the way i went about it was emails to creative type schools (other design,performing arts type students) are usually happy to help...other way is through friends find some one with an interesting look that suits the feel your going for creative!!!!

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