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Student Private Accommodation

Mitchell Said:

Urgent!! Student accommodation (pref studio) in Lyon , France!?

We Answered:

try to go outside Lyon.
Amberieu En Bugey is only 30 minutes by train

Heidi Said:

Which Manchester neighborhoods are desirable for student accommodation?

We Answered:

You would be best in Fallowfield, Studentville itself! There are lots of student accommodation in Fallowfield, lots advertised locally so just get there way before term starts or alternatively look on the internet. You can basically go for anywhere in Fallowfield, and just staying away from the edges of some of the neighbour suburbs mainly Moss Side and Longsight. I am from Manchester and that is a totally honest answer. Fallowfield is full of students, lively area with lots of bars, student amenities and you will really like it! x

Angela Said:

rights of french student become worker- what are his rights re having a flat preferably council?

We Answered:

He is allowed to stay in the country because he is a European but he will not qualify for any benefits if he has not worked here. Council flats/houses are very sparse in most regions and they are allocated on a point scoring system, being a foreign national it seems unlikely that he would qualify for any council accommodation. But your daughter might if she is actually homeless and not living with you they would probably put her in a dodgy b&b for six months before allocating a flat. I would suggest that your daughter being homeless is the only way they would get a flat, even quicker if she is pregnant.
Hope this helps

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