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Student Room Accommodation

Lance Said:

I'm an International student. I booked a room but don't live there, without paying, what can they do to me?

We Answered:

Get a copy of the lease you signed/agreed to follow when you signed up for A. That lease should tell you what, if any, penalties there are for not taking that housing.

In addition, your uni should have a housing office on campus. Go talk to them. They are often familiar with the housing rules in that area, and might be able to explain things.

Mitchell Said:

Student planning on watching TV in accommodation room?

We Answered:

No, just hide the mains lead. Or just keep rechargeable batteries in it and on constant charge (one set in machine, one set in charger).

I can't believe the TV licence scum are that anal!!!! Thank god I binned the telly.

Connie Said:

Student accommodation: Are you allowed to paint your room?

We Answered:

If you're in halls of residence then you won't be allowed to do anything to the room other than move the furniture around (if it's not fixed)

However if you're in a student house, then with the landlord's permission you may be able to do somethings; use your own furniture/bed, maybe paint. Still probably won't be able to change the carpet though, unless you replace it with the old one when you move out again.

Check your tenancy agreement and speak with your landlord.

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