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Student Room Rent

Vickie Said:

What is the advantages and disadvantages for a student to rent a single room?

We Answered:

You won't have to put up with a roommate who's too messy or too clean, and with a really weird schedule/bed time.

Evelyn Said:

What is the living cost in toronto for a student like room rent, food, mobile, internet, transport expanses?

We Answered:

Living expenses will be around $12,000 (CAD) per year, give or take a couple of thousand depending on your lifestyle and the area where you decide to live.

Charlene Said:

I'm finding it hard to find a student room to rent, as when I phone they always go to voice mail then I leave

We Answered:

What has this got to do with Royalty, unless you think they would put you up??????????

Erica Said:

Where can I find a student room for rent (university/college) during the holidays in New York ?

We Answered:

Post a wanted ad or browse on

There are a lot of sublets available during then.

Marcia Said:

I wanna find a cheap room for student rent in Avery Hill Rd (London)?

We Answered:

The link below lists rooms and flatshares for rent in Greenwich for under £60. (You could also try searching for Avery Hill).…

As I'm sure you know, this is a very limited budget so you will need to find out if bills for electricity, water, Internet, etc, are included in the rent.

You could also try asking for advice at your university's accomodation office.

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