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Student Room To Rent

Jamie Said:

student rooms for rent?

We Answered:

you can try doing a canvass/sourcing. look for boarding houses and ask how much they charge. pretend you're looking for a room. then assess the place it the price is reasonable.. =) there's no need for you to provide them food but if you will there should be an additional charge.

some boarding houses would charge their boarders if they bring additional appliances. like P100 for iron, etc.. =)

Roberto Said:

college student renting room do you think theyll rent to a black person?

We Answered:

Dress your Sunday best. Tell them you are a college student and you are quiet and just want to focus on school work (if it is true). Treat this like a job interview, be friendly, smile and use their first name three times. You will surprise yourself. Don't prejudge us white people, we are kind of nice...sometimes.

Yolanda Said:

What would you expect of a student room in a private house?

We Answered:

As long as your intention is to study , you will require only Single Bed, with Study Table chair, TV with cable/satellite, Shelf, Some wall Posters, etc to keep your self happy.

Try to identify a room near good food facility if you are not cooking yourself, transport convenience, close to your school/college as far as possible.

Terrence Said:

Student Room. Eviction. Need Advice?

We Answered:

you should really seek advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau or shelter, rather than just reading the website.

My view would be that since you have continued in residence after the term of the initial tenancy, paying rent monthly, you occupy the room on a monthly tenancy, meaning that you should be entitled to a month's notice. You may be entitled to a month's notice under the Protection from Eviction Act in any case. Nevertheless, you should speak to CAB or Shelter about this. Also note that just because you may be entitled to a longer notice period, that may not stop your landlord changing the locks and preventing you from entering the property...

Frances Said:

Where can I find communication about rent in Copenhagen?

We Answered:

Craigslist is not commonly used by Europeans - it really is an American thing, and there are an awful lot of scams on their with room rentals so beware!

The first thing I would do is to contact your university. They may have campus accomodation which will be the cheapest option, and also it cuts travel costs. Also it means you will have an instant circle of student based friends.

If this is not a possibility then ask them anyway as the likelihood is that they will have info on approved areas or even landlords so that you have that security of knowing it is not a scam and is a decent place.

Good luck

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