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Student Rooms London

Jared Said:

Can i find a job as a Vietnamese teacher in London?

We Answered:

London is a HUGE city. I'm sure you an find a job there in any field.

You can look for a range of room prices on I've been to London about 6-7 times and it's pretty expensive, and the room sizes are SMALL.

Wilma Said:

wana find a smal room to stay at for a month but dont have alot of money as i a student. cheap rooms? london?

We Answered:

you should start of at a hostel for the first couple of days and look for flatshares before you leave look at flatshares at and set up viewings of flats

Patsy Said:

What's a good website to find a student room in London ?

We Answered:

I recommend a few websites =… (its the best website for u)……

Dale Said:

what is it like being a student in london?

We Answered:

You need to ask if it is possible to stay in dorms during the time between semesters or if you will have to pay for the accommodation if it is not included in your fees. It won't be a big culture shock moving from Nth Ireland to London; it will be a financial shock unless of course money is not a problem for you.

Be aware when you are out and about - meaning, be safety conscious especially for your own safety and security. I am not trying to be funny or alarming; it is important when you are away from home to be guarded and vigilant.

Christy Said:

Where can i find a good hostel with one room for one person (with private bathroom) for a student in London?

We Answered:

Yes, that's easy for me! The Youth Hostel Association! Or YHA - they have a list and one of their hostels is right near there. All different sorts of rooms.

Or, we put a list of other hostels on our London week travelog:

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