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Student Share Accommodation

Corey Said:

How many people can live in one room of a house share style accommodation?

We Answered:

u can have 2 people in 1 room.

BUT i would check about the rules of your city.

FOR INSTANCE - where i live...

there is no room restrictions, but you cant have more than 10 people in a house.

good luck

Jacqueline Said:

Going to Uni this year; and my accommodation request got messed up - I now have to share with someone else?

We Answered:

Check to see if your uni's housing has a wait list that you can get on. Then, when students decide not to attend, you'll be on the list to get their room. So ask about this.

I understand that you don't want a shared room. But you were also concerned about meeting people, and sharing a room certainly will make you meet people - you'll know your roommate, meet his friends, etc. I know it's not ideal, but is this really something so severe that you CANNOT deal with it, and thus can't go to uni this year?

Likewise, I know it's preferable if you could be housed in the halls, but you can't - and as with the roommate, you need to think this through. Is that really bad enough that you CANNOT deal with it, and thus can't go to uni this year?

If you must live off-campus, what can you do to get yourself involved on campus? Obviously you'll go to freshers week. I'd strongly suggest you join some clubs/activities, and really participate in them. That'll lead to friendships, as you all have a common interest in whatever the club is about. You'll meet people through your course. You'll still have your old friends, and can visit them in halls. Go to the student pub with your roommmate.

It will take extra effort to get really integrated with campus life, but if you're willing to make this effort, it can work out for you.

I know this isn't what you wanted to do, but how severe is this situation to you? Are you really going to let it stop you from starting your new life, and reaching your goals? If it's really that bad, then okay. But is it really that bad?

Marilyn Said:

People that have lived in share/student accommodation, any problems/tips?

We Answered:

I expect privacy in personal areas, tidy common areas (with some sort of organization to keep them that way) and an agreement of terms for guests, noise, use of common areas, etc.

Between my own experiences and those of friends, I know of more negative experiences than positive ones.

My first flat in the city I live in was a collective shared with a heroin junkie (and others), whom we weren't informed of by the landlord. He stole electronics and furniture from the house, used all my toiletries including my razor, kept methodone/speed/who knows what in the fridge, harassed me, etc. Since he was supposedly in rehab (he was shooting up in the house, too) and under social care, we were unable to get him removed (or arrested) until the lease ended. The guy downstairs was an alcoholic, and the shouting matches between alcoholic and junkie were very irritating. Luckily, my boyfriend and I only lived there a few months. Rule 1, make sure you fully question the habits of your future housemates.

Other issues:
-late rent/bills by housemates
-moving in partners/best friends/family members without notice (and sometimes without their share of the rent)
-messiness in common areas (a little clutter doesn't bother me, but mold does)
-noise, especially if housemates keep different hours
-personality clashes
-no hot water
-not reporting things that need repaired

Rene Said:

What should I expect from living in Student Accommodation?

We Answered:

You will have a ton of friends!!
I was so scared when I had my first dorm room and on the 1st day I met people who I still share close relationships with to this day. You get closer to each other living in a space intimate like that....everyone in the hall will look out for you and you will have a great weekends! I miss college now =)

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