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Connie Said:

Studying in virginia tech for a year, what clothes to take?

We Answered:

Here are some items I would pack:

Light sweater
VT Hoodie
large jacket (you never know)
long sleeve t-shirts
short sleeve t-shirts
jean shorts
athletic shorts
flip flops
good walking shoes
boots (not heeled boots)
a dressy dress (you never know what you'll be invited to)
a schoolbag

Hope I helped!

Benjamin Said:


We Answered:

I am doomed to get thumbs-down from pretty much everybody who reads this, but oh, well ...

The way I see it, there's no reason to deny people the right to marry, regardless of their sex. The opposition is almost always rooted in religious belief, but this isn't a theocracy, and we don't deny civil rights to people based on personal religious views.

On the other hand, forcing people in private business to support something they morally oppose is unacceptable. If a photographer doesn't want to shoot a gay wedding, or a doctor doesn't want to help a lesbian couple get pregnant, they should have the right to decline. There are plenty of other photographers and doctors to pick from who will be happy to oblige. Free enterprise doesn't exist if people aren't free to pick their clientele.

Brittany Said:

Please answer honestly; What do you think about this?

We Answered:

Class trips are the best everyone has a good time you do learn stuff, have fun, and get to know the rest of your class mates better, and have more friends or better acquaintances.

We go as a grade and in 7th grade went to Percy Quinn State Park in mississippi and this year (8th grade) we went on a five day 4 night trip to north carolina where we spent 3 days hiking in the mountains and 2 days in a wilderness camp. Next yr (9th grade) we go to DC and i am not passing that up.

i recommend you go. Especially if money isnt an issue. You will learn a lot and have fun. Also it most likely wont hurt your GPA

Chester Said:

Should the Pledge be said in spanish?

We Answered:

This is a deliberate slap in the face of all REAL Americans. Reciting the Pledge in Spanish is outrageous and obscene.

Same thing with singing our National Anthem in Spanish.

Just another example of them trying to set up another nation within OUR nation.

This is also a sign of disrespect to EVERY SINGLE immigrant who has ever come here, learned the langugage, and eventually assimilated into the the great melting pot that is America

If these kids are SO lazy they can't even learn the words to the Pledge in English, just what kind of a future are they going to have?

This whole thing is as ridiculous as singing God Save the Queen in Punjabi.

Welcome to America.

Herman Said:

Studying in virginia tech for a year, what clothes to take?

We Answered:

Blacksburg is definately a four seasons kind of place. Plan on warm clothing for the wintertime. Layers are always good for upswings in temperatures. But it is awesome beautiful in the spring!! Enjoy your visit. study hard..... Go Hokies!!

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