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Students Accommodation In Melbourne

Herman Said:

Accommodation in Melbourne?

We Answered:

I am in the same boat! I have however been to Melbourne several times and rented apartments for months at a time with friends. First you must know that they rent by the week (around $120 - $250 AUD). I would go to . This site has lists of apartments, pictures of the units, the property managers, and you can narrow down the cost by what you can afford. I would suggest St. Kilda. It is close to the city and has resonible rents and it is right near the beach and everything is at your door step. The site has a way to contact the realty company of the property you are interested in and you can ask if they will allow you to lease/secure an apartment from your country, alot will!

The conditions of the properties are not like the one's in the US (if this is were you are from). In most cases you will have to buy your own refriderator (around $400-$500AUD), most of the stoves (if it comes with one), have four small gas burners most come with some dishes, and are pretty small. The bathroom consists of showers and no tubs, a small sink, and a toilet. They do however come with pretty big bedrooms. If you are lucky you will have a tiny washer and dryer (THEY DON'T HAVE DRYER SHEETS IN AUSTRALIA, so if they are a staple to you then you must bring your own).

When looking for furniture I would suggest Fantastics… ! They have group deals with bed, sofa, love seat, coffee table, dining room table, T.V stand, and a dresser You can furnish your entire apartment for around $1,999AUD (not bad for your entire home! If you want to get a television and microwave I would suggest you check out some places on Sydney Rd (stay out of Target and Kmart they are so expensive there LOL!). Catch the Tram to the city, you can find discount stores for blankets, towles, and sheets. There are Coles there for you to buy groceries.

Needless to say, they are not as equiped or cozy as the apartments you are used to. You can make them feel like home. Eventually you will get used to it! Good luck and enjoy the wonderful city of Melbourne (trust me you won't spend much time at home anyways).

Good Luck :-)!

Marion Said:

Total guideline for Study and work in Melbourne?

We Answered:

G'day mariadhk,

I've received your e-mail and saw your question here. I might as well answered your e-mail in here :)

With your husband, unfortunately his working condition will be the same as yours (20hrs/week during study period and full-time only during holiday period). The weblink below is provided from Dept of Immigration website. I'm not sure abt your question abt the course to help him.

Your area of living will be in Burwood & its surroundings, since MIBT would have moved to Deakin Uni's Burwood campus by then. This will include the areas of Glen Iris, Surrey Hills, Ashburton, Box Hill South, Box Hill , Mount Waverley and Burwood East. Since you prefer to rent your own flat, what I suggest will be to ask MIBT to arrange for temporary accommodation for you (could be motel/hotel). Download the accommodation guide from MIBT website below and you can see the range of accommodation options that you can have. The preferred temporary accommodation provider by MIBT is Claremont Guest House. Once you have arrived, you can use Deakin University's DUSA web assistance for accommodation rental/availability. Also contacting the estate agent websites below:

Airport pick-up can be arranged by MIBT. The link below will tell you what to do.

Hope this helps. Good luck for the study :)

Emily Said:

what is the best suburb for a student to live in Melbourne?

We Answered:

I study at La Trobe aswell, so I would so for conveniece sake somewhere in the Northern suburbs, along the RMIT tram line.
Northcote, North Fitzroy and Cliftonhill are great- about 20 mins by tram to uni and 15 mins to city. Their really funky areas, lots of quirky cafes and bars, parklands, great resteraunts and alot of the Arts. If your looking at share accommodation it would cost around $120 pw, if your looking at a unit around $170pw but if you would like a house you woun't find anything for under $300. Good luck!

Jeffery Said:

Please help me to find Accommodation in Melbourne??

We Answered:

try .. in melbourne

Warren Said:

Looking for student accommodation in Melbourne?

We Answered:

You will never get accommodation for $125 each per month, per week maybe!

look at…

Brent Said:

What's the price for a decent flat rental in Melbourne?

We Answered:

Have a look on

I did a search for the below suburbs, hopefully this link works when u click too if not just put the suburbs in the search part (sure u will figure it out)…

Ashwood; Clayton; Clayton North; Monash University;

From a quick glance it seems many are shared accomadation :o/ their the cheapest, Clayton has units from $200...and it climbs from there....just depends where you plan to live, even the outer suburbs would have flexible transport if you preferred cheaper!

Email me if you would like more info :o)

Jill Said:

Where to find Student Accommodation in melbourne?

We Answered:

Information is below.

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