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Students Looking For Accommodation

Fred Said:

German Students looking for accomadation?

We Answered:

well since Chennai is in India Craigslist is not going to be of any assistance. I work for a University here in the states and we have an off-campus housing department for people in your situation. I did a quick google and found that one university there does offer a list of accommodations... There should be other universities in the area as well, I suspect they would be interested in listing your property for you.

Linda Said:

which university accommodation to look for in manchester city?

We Answered:


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I really hope this will help

Mike Said:

how do i find out what students are looking for accommodation in carlow ireland?

We Answered:

not sure how it works in ireland but in england landlords get in touch with the universitys and the universitys have a big book or record of available places because uni students are always looking for place to live =D

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