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To Let Accommodation

Perry Said:

I have to stay in Thiruchi for a week. Pls let me know best place for accommodation - paying guest type.?

We Answered:

I'm not in India now.. I could have helped u if I was there. Sorry.

Oscar Said:

My uni wont let me defer and i cant get uni accommodation . If just drop out will it effect me applying for?

We Answered:


Im just going into my second year at chester. Last year I wasn't given accommodation (im from liverpool so its apparently too close). Dont panic! I went into a house with 4 other people- who are now my best friends and my boyfriend!

It sounds appealing going into halls but really its not as good as it sounds. Many of my friends who lived in halls have told me some horror stories- No sleep, bitchiness, bad smells....

Dont waste uni, go into a house. theres loads of spare rooms left with yer 2nd years but also alot of 1st years too. Google places called Abbey rentals, Hoots, right move.. theyll all have spare rooms, alot CLOSER than some of the uni halls!

Living in a house is still just as much fun, usually cheaper, plus theres no warden watching over you all the time like there is in halls!

if you need any more detailed advice about chester uni or finding somewhere send me a pm im happy to help :)

-plus, youll make loads of friends on your course who you can live with in second year

Tamara Said:

she refused to let the student with learning disability use accommodation.. is that allowed?

We Answered:

if she does not have an iep, then they do not have to accommodate her. she did in high school probably because she had an iep. she has to have a disability documented to allow for accommodations. she should not use the calc for a math placement exam anyway. they need to see where she stands in terms of ability. these tests will also help determine if she requires testing for services. if she had a documented disability in high school, and IEP, she needs to take it to the college. she will be tested again to determine services, but otherwise, no accommodations.

Casey Said:

Article - Sex Trafficking - What do think the world Governments should do to protect women and children?

We Answered:

1 - The Governments of the world must recognize that hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are being forced into the prostitution business. Each year, an estimated 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across
international borders, and millions more are trafficked internally.

2 - The world Governments and general public must recognize that prostitution is not only the result of poverty.

3 - Everyone must recognize that forced prostitution for any reason is a form of slavery. People should not use the economic disadvantage of women and children against them in order to use them for sexual purposes.

4 - The Governments of the world must recognize that forced prostitution/sex trafficking is a severe violation of human rights. (men’s rights, women's rights and children's rights). The Governments must recognize that people are being forced to work against their will under the threat of violence.

5 – The Governments that have legalized prostitution must recognize that their decision to legalize prostitution has facilitated the problems associated with prostitution. More men, women, and children will be treated as commodities and exploited by criminal organizations. The Governments who have legalized prostitution should immediately rescind the legalization of prostitution.

6 - The world Governments and the general public must recognize that pimps are worse for society then murderers, rapists or pedophiles. Appropriate punishment should reflect the crimes committed.

7 - All Governments around the world must work together to eliminate prostitution.

8 - Worldwide strict laws must be created and enforced.


A - According to the Christian Science Monitor, Brunhilde Raiser, director of the National Council of German Womens' Organizations, said: "Forced prostitution has yet to become a public issue of concern as a severe violation of human and women's rights.

B - Concern over the traffickers' changing tactics comes before a photographic exhibition on human trafficking which opens at St Paul's
Cathedral in London this week. The exhibition highlights 21st century slavery to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery.

Audrey Said:

I'm looking for a short term accommodation in norwich?

We Answered:


Nathan Said:

Is there any accommodation near Tabuk University for staff working in the same University?

We Answered: this is the website for the university, contact the deanship or fellow professors there to ask them directly, i believe it will be the fastest way for you to find out. but i am quite confident they have housing for their faculty.
it wont be top notch but it will at best be free

Naomi Said:

My daughter wants a huge wedding in Maui?

We Answered:

tell your daughter that you will be contributing x amount to her wedding. don't tell her that she cant have the wedding, don't tell her that she cant have the wedding she wants, just let her know the reality of the situation. if her and her fiance are well-off and can afford it, they can have the wedding for their dreams. if they were not expecting to pay for it, or that you would be paying for most of it, they will just have to realize that they will need to have a more realistic budget.

also, at another time, mention that if she wants everyone to be able to attend a destination wedding, she will have to pay for them because they would not be able to fork out the money.

your daughter just needs to realise, on her own, that she cant have everything she wants without working for it.

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