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To Let In

Arlene Said:

what are good hip hop clubs to go to in L.A?

We Answered:

Since tastes vary widely, I always recommend and You can get reviews of clubs there.

Cheryl Said:

Why am I struggling to let God back in my life?

We Answered:

I see a physical therapist weekly and he is a good person, great wit, good sense of humor and knows his stuff. It is a pleasure that God made us humans and then we get to choose to help people and improve their health.

The reason you are probably struggling is no different from any of us; we all struggle especially those who love God so much and have a good heart. We are always influenced by what we hear and see in the world so there is a constant awareness to "do right" by God and make him happy, while knowing that showing and deeply storing good moral aptitude in our hearts is the right way for us and will lead to everlasting life in paradise free from any further challenges and badness in the earth.

Keep hanging in there and know that you are not alone. Eventually we'll see one another.... on the other side.

God Bless.

Roland Said:

Should I let my newborn cry it our inorder to get used to sleeping in cot?

We Answered:

You answered your question. Rock your newborn to sleep.

Francisco Said:

how to let a guy know that you are interested in him?

We Answered:

I think you should ask him to go out on a date. I get shy when I get close to the girl I like but eventually I asked her out and now we are together. So just ask him out even if you are shy also. Try it and good luck!

Jaime Said:

is now a good time to invest in the premiership?

We Answered:

no, most clubs run at huge losses.

Ernest Said:

How can i convince my mom and landlord to let me get a puppy?

We Answered:

Landlords usually do not like small pets, let alone dogs. You are lucky enough to be allowed to own cats and rats, so be happy with what you are allowed. If the landlord says no, he means no.

Dogs bark, make mess, pee and poop everywhere if not trained and are generally a lot of work. Most landlords can get annoyed when a dog messes up something on his property and it has to be replaced.

Wait until you can move out and get a dog once you have a job and a house of your own. Just be happy with the pets you are allowed to have.

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