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Uk Student Accommodation

Herbert Said:

Student or Private accommodation in Glasgow, UK ?

We Answered:

Check out this link for more information regarding family accommodation -…
If you rent privately and want to live near the university, it will be very expensive. You could get cheaper accommodation further away, and just get the bus or train in.

Good luck!

Daniel Said:

which type of cheapest and convenient accommodation for international student in wales uk?

We Answered:

People don't realise that Wales is 200 miles from North to South - which part of Wales are you looking at? Getting student accommodation is like in England - the university you are going to may be able to offer you a place in a Hall of Residence or they ,may be able to give you a list of local landlords.

Clifford Said:

How?: Funding for study and accommodation in an Australia University? - (UK Student)?

We Answered:

this may help`…

Dwayne Said:

(UK) I need a witness as I'm signing papers for student accommodation next year: who is allowed to do so?

We Answered:

Anyone can witness a signature, provided they know who you are. A witness is simply saying "I saw him sign it"

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