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Uni Student Accommodation

Eugene Said:

What is the best bet for an international student at Leeds Uni for accommodation?

We Answered:

Hmmmm....well, I did private accomodation when I lived in Leeds in 2005. I saw the university accomodation for Leeds Met - and I really didn't like it. Bad showers and all that.

I lived in the Mary Morris int'l residence (I'm American). While it wasn't the NICEST had hot showers....:-p I've got a thing about having nice bathrooms.

It all depends on what you are looking for. Privacy? No flatmates? Got to be more specific.

Suzanne Said:

Student accommodation in London?

We Answered:

There should be a few people in your situation, whether it be because of clearing or like you it is their second choice. You need to ask the university if they have a system where you could contact other people in a similar situation, and then arrange to live with them in privately rented accommodation. In general the more people and the bigger the house the cheaper your portion of the rent will be, e.g 5 people sharing a 5 bed property would be cheaper than 2 sharing a 2 bed.

If you cant find any people that way there are a few privately owned halls of accommodation that aren't owned by universities and you can apply for them. However, the prices are normally hugely inflated and unfair.

Also, if you have any family or ANYTHING like that, if you put yourself on the uni accommodation waiting list, and live out for a few weeks there will be so many drop outs that places in halls will become available. Even after just a few weeks you should get a room if you are near the top of the waiting list, as loads of people have taken uni courses this year that they will hate just to get into uni.

good luck.

Ross Said:

Can I apply for student accommodation before I get an offer from the uni?

We Answered:

Look at the accommodation information for each of your universities and see what they say about applications. Chances are they won't send you an application form until you have accepted their offer.

Max Said:

what month do you move into student accommodation, before uni?

We Answered:

I'm in the UK, at my uni it's anytime during the week prior to uni starting.

Christine Said:

Should I stay at home OR rent a student accommodation when going to UNI?

We Answered:

Objectivity: The object of the excerise is to get the best education you can possible get at Uni.

Method: 1) Rent a place, and you gain independence and that comes at a price, although you may get lazy and have a few parties and stay in bed for a while longer than the lectures commence, which can lead you to lose the one class that will make the difference of becoming a first class or merit.. u choose 2) Stay at home for a while until the college works out amd you have the comfort of staying and coming home to you usual place of abode to stay and not to mention cloths washed and food and the tv net etc., Once u stay at home you can stay overnight with a few class mates if needs be..

Result - Go to uni to get the best edu with the potential to party when u get a new job.. At Home you have more monye in the kitty so until them hold firm and be patient

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