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Unite Accommodation London

Vincent Said:

Letter contract from carpenter chambers are true or scam?

We Answered:

1 - No legitimate UK business ever used a number starting with +4470 - that's an international redirect number and is ALWAYS the sign of a scam…
2 - there is NO Barrister John Carter at Carpenter Chambers registered with the UK Bar Council or listed in the Bar Directory so they don't exist
3 - NO legitimate business uses a free @googlemail, @gmail or email
4 - Barristers represent parties in CRIMINAL court - fraud, murder, rape, etc. They have NOTHING to do with work permits
5 - Travel Agencies have NOTHING to do with Visas. All visas MUST be processed through the British Embassy in YOUR home country and YOU must appear iN PERSON at the embassy, nothing else
6 - There is NO World Air Travel Agency registered with the ABTA so they are NOT a travel agency
7 - there is NO 115 Kingsland Road E2 - that address does NOT exist
8 - there is NO way you were offered any job at a hotel in the UK as hotel workers are NOT on the Skills Shortage list or considered Highly Skilles (requiring a Masters or PhD) so they do not qualify for sponsorship and cannot employ non EU workers
9 - The Royal Albion is part of Brittania Hotels. If you did not apply directly through their corporate site… and are not in touch with Suzy Southworth then the job does not exist
10 - those benefits are competely ridiculous - NO hotel in the UK offers free accommodation to staff, would NEVER give you a twice a year ticket, and you can tell these people aren't even British because they use words like 'apartment' and 'vacation' that are not used in the UK. If this was a British coimpany they would use 'flat' and 'holiday'

There is NO way to find a job in the UK online. If you do not have a Masters or PhD and are NOT registered with a POEA licensed agency in the Philippines, you are only going to keep getting scammed

Carolyn Said:

i have also got the similar e-mail from new london textile company u.k. just want to check is it fake?

We Answered:

It is a scam. Read the references to see one of the versions. They may just try straight identity theft. NO COMPANY is going to offer legit jobs in this fashion.

Dwayne Said:

How is the area around Stepney Green and Mile End stations in London?

We Answered:

The place is ok if you know how to live. Expect nothing great or spectacular though.

Matthew Said:

i got e-mail from london?

We Answered:

Several things make this look like a scam. The jobs offered are not common in textiles and usually not under those names. Second, the e-mail is a Yahoo or Gmail e-mail. 99% of companies would use their own e-mail for anything. Third, there are plenty of out of work textile people in the UK. Why would they turn to this?

My feeling is that if you respond, they are going to ask for some type of process fee for paperwork. If you send it, that will be the last you see of it.

I would proceed with great caution and NEVER, I said NEVER send them any money or information about your bank.

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