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Unite Student Accommodation

Brad Said:

Studying in virginia tech for a year, what clothes to take?

We Answered:

For some what warmer weather take the traditional jeans and a few t-shirts. For the winter weather I suggest you take a ton of sweatpants/boots/jeans/and coats! It gets very cold there!! Also, I strongly recommend you buy a pair of uggs! They last a long time and there made nice and warm so in fall/summer/winter/and spring the'll be in style!! Sweatpants are so comfy during long classes and they keep you nice and warm!!=]


Fred Said:

Planning to attend SOAS in London... What is the best housing accomodation?

We Answered:

I would recommend applying for the halls associated with SOAS - e.g. Dinwiddy House, which is located close to the campus buildings and is well maintained, safe, etc. It's the best way to meet people in your first year and is much cheaper (and easier!) than trying to find private accomodation.

(Also, with private accomodation you would have to think about utility bills for gas, electricity, internet, etc, as well as what would happen if something broke. With halls, your bills are included and there are maintenance staff on hand to sort out any problems. Nice and simple!)

If you can't get into SOAS halls, then the independent halls run by UNITE are very reliable - though quite pricey.

SOAS is an excellent university - my friend did her MA there and loved every minute. She was particularly positive about the staff and tutors, as well as the general friendliness and good atmosphere that the campus has.

Have a great time studying in London!

Hazel Said:

Studying in canada for a year, what clothes to take?

We Answered:

Alberta can be brutally cold in the winter, except when the Chinook Winds blow, then it will be warm. When the Chinooks pass it will once again be brutally cold. There's no way you will be able to find coats, boots, hats and mitts suitable for Alberta winters in the UK so you should be prepared to buy what you need in Alberta. Winter clothing available here is made for our winter weather and boots are made with special materials and special ice and snow gripping soles to allow comfort and safety in the snow and ice. For the other clothes, right now it's summer so short sleeve shirts, jeans, t-shirts, denim skirts all are suitable now. Be sure to include both long and short sleeve clothes, and if you have heavy tights be sure to take these with you to wear with your skirts when it is autumn. Take sweaters and light jackets for layering when autumn arrives as the weather gradually cools off. Layering is the secret to staying warm it's what we in Canada do to stay warm. Also when you are here, you should look for a good 3-season jacket made with a nylon outer shell and a detachable polar fleece liner. These jackets are excellent, you can wear the nylon shell in the wind and rain, the polar fleece layer is good for extra warmth over your regular outfit in the depths of January and February, and wearing both layers together will keep you warm and toasty right up until the snow flies. (That's what we say up here, we don't say until the snow falls, we say until the snow flies.) You will need to buy a good winter coat, A place like Marks Work Wearhouse (don't let the name fool you, they carry excellent warm winter clothes for school and leisure) or Sportchek carry good well insulated wither coats. Anyway, we are all quite nice to people who have never experienced a Canadian winter and I'm sure one you get to your school there will be plenty of people willing to help you through your first prairie winter. Stay warm and enjoy your stay!

Doris Said:

How can I finance going to study in the USA?

We Answered:

You can ask for finance when you apply to university but you will not be eligible for any government loans so will be entirely dependent on the university. Financing the whole four years with loans will cost you the price of a British house. I do not see how you can take on that much debt unless you expect to be earning a six figure salary right out of uni.

You can absolutely get in to a US uni with just five GCSEs but you will not get into a selective uni. How do you feel about spending this much money attending a non selective uni? If you have good GCSEs, that would suggest that you should aim higher.

You stand absolutely no chance of a scholarship, just forget that.

You apply to a uni and once you are accepted you apply for an F-1 student visa. To get this you will have to show that you have the funds to pay the tuition fees and support yourself for a full year. If the uni has given you some financing, this will be taken into account.

But, unless you have already take the SAT test, you are too late to apply for Sept 2011 as they need this and the last possible date to sit it for 2011 entry was in October..

Can I suggest you rethink this plan?

Charlie Said:

Why are these Muslims demanding segregation from society instead of integration into their society?

We Answered:

The Muslims don't want to be contaminated by the ways of other cultures or religions. Thus, they seek to try to make these places more to their liking.
Every change that is made in favor of the Muslims is a change for the better in their eyes.
Not to mention that their main goal is domination.

Marion Said:

How can we do a great, fun, and efficient fund raiser without spending tons of money?

We Answered:

go to the local newspaper and walk in... don't email. Tell them what you are doing. Would they do a story about you. If they do, you will get calls from adults wanting to help and to donate.
Then go to the local tv station and ask to be on the morning program to tell about your project. Make this fun. /

Natalie Said:

Studying in alberta canada for a year, what to wear?

We Answered:

by studying, i suppose you mean high school exchange student or college? i dont know about canada but it should be vvery cold and since you get cold easily, just bring any type of shirts but bring lots of sweaters. It WILL get cold. Very cold. Pants: It wont be, ever, really, very very hot. Bring some shorts and bermuda's but mostly stick with jeans and long pants. If youre stuck, try capris and long pants with sweats also...Congradulations and good luck!

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