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University Of London Student Accommodation

Joshua Said:

Advice When Moving to London?

We Answered:

Here is a link to the British UNion of Students There will be links and numbers here for advice. Having lived and studied in London myself I can tell you that mot Aussie students fin things VERY expensive...the dollar is strong right now but its still less than the would in y opinon need to save a good amount before arriving. A room in halls or a shared house, plus fees for studying here, (even if you have citizenship we all have to pay fees now) pls airfare, plus something to live on til you get a job....also cal unis for advice.

Dora Said:

Please help. English cheque!?

We Answered:

Ask the university if it is at all possible to get cash or an electronic bank transfer to your own bank account.

Alternatively, you can use a cheque cashing service such as cashconverters for a fee. You will need ID (See below). Any local pawn shop is likely to cash a cheque too, for a fee.

You should also speak to your bank in Italy, they may accept the cheque, I don't know the rules of Italian banking. There would likely be a fee for this too.

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