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University Student Accommodation

Roberto Said:

Student Accommodation in Grenoble – university Joseph Fourier?

We Answered:

stay in hostel first. univ has list of stays outside campus too

Shawn Said:

For a university student in Scotland how much should food cost per week?

We Answered:

University of The West of Scotland ... cost of institution managed accommodation for 0-31 weeks: including 0-0 meals a day, 0-0 days per week £0.00-£0.00 : including no food £48.00 ... per week £0.00-£0.00 : including no food £48 ...

Dennis Said:

How do I advertise my house to Japanese University boarders seeking accommodation?

We Answered:

You can also look in your yellow pages to see what Japanese businesses are in the area and and post an ad in their place of business if possible. There may be some touristy areas in the downtown area you can also post up a message.

Posting it up in Japanese would be even easier for you, you just need to have someone write it out for you.

Donald Said:

Is there any student accommodation at Blackburn University?

We Answered:

Information is below.

Vera Said:

Do you have to be a university student to live in shared accommodation?

We Answered:

If the flat is owned by the university then, yes, you will need to be a student to live there. You can, however, live with students in private flats near a university.

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