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York University Student Accommodation

Cindy Said:

Which York University accommodation is best?

We Answered:

I went to York University & graduated last year, here's what I know about the accommodation:

Alcuin - is posh & modern, you get good sized rooms & most rooms have en-suites (shower, toilet, sink). There's also a communal kitchen/floor which is massive. Alcuin is quite separate from the rest of campus though, but it's v.near the library & road to town, plus they make up for the isolation by having a lot of their own activities and events.

Langwith (this is where I lived) - one of the oldest buildings, the kitchens are some of the worst on campus, it's also quite small, but the bedrooms are a reasonable size & it's also near the library and road to town. Has a bar and canteen, plus study area/computer suite.

Derwent - Known for having the best parties on campus, this place focuses on their bar and canteen area. I think the rooms are pretty much identical to Langwith but I've only been in a couple of their rooms.

Vanbrugh - when I was at Uni this was being renovated and I think they moved most of the accommodation across to Alcuin, though you may still be able to stay here. The rooms here are better than Langwith and Derwent - it's more modern & it's also more centrally placed for campus life. Vanbrugh has one of the biggest canteens on campus, which comes complete with pool table. It's also the place for the 'market stall's' (a.k.a. tables in the entrance hall where people sell tickets to events). It's positioned right near the campus shops, near the library, and about halfway between the langwith side of campus & the biology and Wentworth side of campus (easy to walk to the different places).

Wentworth - is nearly as isolated as Alcuin. It's on the far side of the campus and where most of the postgrads stay. The accommodation here is also of the same calibre of Alcuin, and it's very pretty & peaceful.

James - Also quite an isolated college, this is fairly modern, but not as nice as Alcuin & Wentworth. It's one of the more house-like accommodations, with not too many bedrooms per floor, which makes it feel more like you're sharing a flat. Kitchen space isn't too bad, it's a good halfway between Alcuin & Langwith. Derwent and Langwith also have some extension blocks across Heslington road that are identical to James accommodation, so they're a step up from the main 2 colleges, and they're also still located near the main road and the library compared to James.

Goodricke - it's not known as 'the cell block' for nothing. I've never been in here, but it's also quite an old building, and apparently really small and cramped. It's located near the Roger Kirk Centre & the Physics Exhibitions centre though, which is the main canteen on campus is, and where a lot of students have their classes (plus the Physics Exhibition centre also doubles as a cinema). And it's also right next to the sports centre if you're into sports. This is also one of the more centrally-located campuses, which means it's easy to get to the different colleges.

Halifax - this is where quite a few foreign students and 2nd and 3rd year students live. Accommodation here is quite good, there's a mix of house-style and Alcuin/Wentworth-style buildings, all of which are some of the best equipped and most comfortable on campus. It's perhaps more isolated than the rest though, as it's set apart from campus - you enter campus at the sports centre side, so it's also the furthest away from the shops & the library etc. To compensate for this is does have it's own mini shop, as well as a bar and food building.

I was quite lucky at uni, as I made friends in most of the different colleges & got to visit them all. I'd say the ones which have the best atmosphere are; Alcuin, Derwent and Halifax - Halifax in particular is like a little neighbourhood, where everyone knows everyone else.

In terms of location it depends on what subject you're doing, and where you're going to be spending most of your time. In general though I'd say that Vanbrugh is the best.

All colleges tend to have some kind of food/drink canteen, as well as their own computer rooms and laundry facilities (coin-run washers and dryers). They also each have a reception for mail & information, but when I was there they were cutting down on the hours these were open.

Hope that helps a bit! If you want any more information feel free to message me - I think you can find my contact details on my user page!

Overall that University is really good, and I'd definitely recommend that in your first year you join a variety of clubs - even if you're only half interested & end up dropping them, they're a great way to make a ton of friends, and get to know the campus quickly. :)

Also you might want to check out this map to get an idea of the placement of colleges;

Good luck with your studies!

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