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Application For Student Finance

Shelly Said:

What does support an application mean...student finance terms?

We Answered:


In UK financial aid language, "support an application" is selected when someone is filling in the form to offer their financial information to support the application of a student who has already applied.

When the student applies, he/she is asked whether they will be providing financial information for a "sponsor" - if they say yes, they are given an "Alias ID" that they must pass on to their sponsor. When the sponsor completes the application, they must provide that Alias ID to ensure that their information is linked to the student's application.

Apply for support, like the term suggests, is when you, as the student, want to apply for consideration for financial aid.

"Both" is used when the student and his/her "sponsor" (generally a parent or spouse) are sitting down together, preparing to complete the application at the same time.

Hope that helps you! Good luck!

Ramon Said:

Is it possible to make a second application of Student Finance in the same year if your course changes?

We Answered:

You need to ask for a 'change of circumstances' form and change your course on that. You don't need to fill in another form.

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