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Cancel Student Finance

George Said:

Made a colossal mistake on my Student Finance application!!?

We Answered:

ring them, it will cost money though, they messed mine up this year didnt get it til january because a mistake like that and they didnt tell me and just left the application, until i rang up and the problem was found, so definitly ring them. hope you dont have any probs.

Dwayne Said:

I am a business and finance i done for?

We Answered:

haha no you'll be fine bro the market will likely turn around before you need to find a career job.

o sorry for calling you point is still valid though.

Brenda Said:

Can I cancel existing student loan and use post 911 gi bill?

We Answered:

Wait to enroll until you get the GI Bill. Do NOT take out a loan if you don't need to. What happens if you don't get the GI Bill in place before you're on the hook for the loan? Do not do what she's suggesting. IMO, it's too much of a risk, and it's worth waiting a bit longer to get the GI Bill paperwork in place.

The admissions people at Kaplan and schools like it are actually high pressure sales people. They keep their jobs based on getting people to sign up for classes. So she doesn't actually necessarily care about what's best for you. She's trying to up her enrollment figures.

Because Kaplan is a for-profit/proprietary school, a lot of employers might have an issue with your degree. If you can find a similar program via your local community college or state uni, I'd rather you go there. In addition, your state college system is going to be your least expensive option; and they're totally reputable.

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